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Obajtek at Rydzyk University. His body position attracts attention – O2

Obajtek at Rydzyk University.  His body position attracts attention - O2

A new postgraduate course has opened at the university founded by Father Rydzyk. It is a Master of Business Administration (MBA), whose students explore areas such as, among others finance, marketing and business administration. No wonder it was PKN President Orlen who was asked to give a lecture.

Daniel Obajtik at his father’s university, Rydzyk. PKN Chief Orlen felt insecure?

During the lecture, Daniel Obajtik shared with the students the experience he gained while running PKN Orlen. Obajtek, among other things, touched on the topic of the future expansion of the concern in foreign markets. He explained that without such a measure, the company with the rank of Orlin would not be able to survive.

(…]We realized that we need to quickly expand our areas of activity, because we will not be able to survive the competition. A company like Orlen will not survive if its market is only the Polish state – explained Daniel Obajtek (TV Trwam).

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For most of the lecture, Daniel Obajtik had his arms folded across his chest. As body language experts point out, such an attitude can indicate something very vulgar, for example that PKN boss Orlen was simply cold and tried to warm up. It also happens that this is a symptom of an accepted habit.

There is a certain aggressiveness of bending your arms over your chest and some people, although they would like to do it, feel uncomfortable about it. Then a partial barrier appears. For example, one hand is lowered along the body, and the other, bent, holds it from the elbow or from the forearm to the shoulder – explains the expert from mowaciał


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