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Obscene speech by a Russian deputy. “Poland will be Jurassic Park”

Obscene speech by a Russian deputy.  "Poland will be Jurassic Park"

In mid-July in Polsat News President of the Institute for National Remembrance Carol Noroke He spoke about the actions of the Belarusian authorities in the field of historical politics. Belarus has made a decision Destruction of the Polish cemetery of the soldiers of the Homeland Army located in this country.

– The destruction of these cemeteries can be considered a provocation to Poland – said the head of the Institute of Remembrance at the time.

Our neighbors work in a completely different civilized circle, they are not able to respect the sanctity of the cemetery or the historical truth. He added that it was simply barbaric.

Half a month later, on July 30, Andrei Kolesnik, a member of the Russian parliament, responded to Nauruki’s words. In his opinion, the removal of monuments and graves of Red Army soldiers by the Poles is a crime of the same kind and, as he wrote, “barbarism.”

The rest of the text is below the video:

The Russians described the actions of the Polish government as a “reverse development”. Kolesnik wrote in his speech: “The Poles are completely insane, their development went in the opposite direction. They have already passed the stage of primates and pitekanthropes. They are approaching the cavemen of Teshik Tash.”

In his opinion, the Poles are again in danger of being invaded by Germany, just as they did during the Second World War. “This time, Russia will not come to the rescue,” he threatened.

“The world does not like two countries: the English and the Poles. One country will soon become Atlantis, and the other – Jurassic Park” – we can read in the Russian Telegram file.

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In the spirit of Russian propaganda, one of the main tasks of which is to undermine European solidarity, Kolesnik proposed a subordinate position of Poland towards Germany. He wrote: “Their first (Polish) capital was Gniezno, the second – Krakow, the third – Warsaw, and perhaps the fourth capital was Berlin. For us, it makes no difference.”

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