July 27, 2021

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Official: There is a decision regarding Dariusz Szpakovsky!

Official: There is a decision regarding Dariusz Szpakovsky!

TVP Sport president Marek Zkolnikovsky has made a decision on Dariush Szpakovsky. Information from WP SportoweFakty has been confirmed that an experienced journalist will not comment on the Euro 2020 finals.

Bartosz Szymkowski

Dariush Szpakovsky

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Dominik / Pictured: Dariusz Szpakowski

“Dariusz Szpakowski will not comment on the final. We talked and decided it would be the best solution for the TVP Sport team. The past weeks have been very difficult for Darek emotionally and he needs peace. We hear about canoeing and canoeing during games “- Marek Shkolnikovsky wrote on Twitter.

The first information that Szpakovsky will not comment on the final emerged on Thursday. We then learned that the decision has already been made and will be officially announced on Friday. This is what happened. Unofficially, the duo of Jacek Laskowski and Robert Podoliński are said to be commenting on the final match.

Even before the European Championship, everything was clear: Szpakowski had to comment on the final. But after the group stage, Szkolnikowski wrote on Twitter: “I watch all matches, listen to and observe the commentators and experts. We are finishing the group stage, it’s time for conclusions in line with the philosophy of mes que un club. My job is to give TVP Sport viewers the best possible quality. And I will stick to that.” Commitment.” (more here).

Comments were immediately made that Szpakowski had been removed from the final. Many fans criticized the Polish press for making mistakes. Nevertheless, Szpakowski appeared in the lists of upcoming matches for the knockout stage, but two days before the final, it turned out that he was not the one who would have had the honor of commenting on the final match of the European Championship against Italy (Sunday, 9) pm.

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You can watch the EURO 2020 matches online on the WP Pilot platform.

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