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Okinawa Diet – Recipe for Health and Longevity – Health and Beauty – Lifestyle – Subcarpathian Life

Dieta z Okinawy – przepis na zdrowie i długowieczność

Did you know that the people of Japan live the longest compared to any other people in the world? The average lifespan of the Japanese is 85, and the Japanese is 87. There are 452 hundred years for every million citizens. Most of them are in Okinawa. According to experts, the secret of their longevity is not only a lifestyle different from that of Westerners, but above all – a specific diet.

Okinawa, an island in southern Japan, is one of the Five Blue Zones. It is a place of scholars and demographics where people live the longest. The others are: Sardinia (Italy), Ikaria (Greece), Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica), Loma Linda (California, USA).

The people of the Okinawa Islands are in very good health. Numerous observations have shown that they are less likely to develop cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer. Women go through menopause gently, and few people suffer from dementia. The traditional diet of the islanders contributes greatly to this – it is low in calories but rich in valuable nutrients, especially antioxidants and flavonoids.

longevity diet

Studies have shown that the Okinawczyk diet reduces the risk of overweight and obesity, slows the aging of the body, and contains large amounts of vegetables and fruits, low glycemic index carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and easily digestible protein. In addition, they are simple, close to nature and very diverse. The local menu includes – including spices – up to 206 different products! Islanders rarely eat animal protein, full-fat dairy, sugar, and fatty additives, and instead value fish, seafood, plant products, whole grains, and minimally processed foods. Meals consist of fresh and seasonal ingredients. They make sure to eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. The menu is rich in cereals (millet, wheat, rice) and soy foods (including tofu curd obtained from soy milk, fermented miso soybean paste, fermented natto soybeans and immature soybeans). They eat meat – mostly pork – only 1-2 times a week. Their meals provide plenty of easily digestible protein, calcium and valuable omega-3 acids. Thanks to them, the circulatory and immune systems of the islanders function well until old age, even after their 100th birthday. It is worth remembering that they rarely season their dishes with salt. Instead, they use aromatic spices and herbs.

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Hara Hachi Bin Lee

This old Confucian proverb means something like: Don’t fill in what you want. Okinawans adhere to the rule that you must leave the table when you reach approximately 80 percent. glut. Thanks to this, they avoid excessive unhealthy food and a long digestion process that exhausts the body. The way the dishes are served is also important. As a rule, small portions are divided into many dishes, which means that they eat less and are rarely affected by the problem of obesity. Their meals provide a total of 1,500 to 1,900 calories per day. It’s about 500 calories less than what the world’s adults eat.

Ikigai and other healthy habits

However, it turns out that diet is not everything! Okinawans also have other healthy habits that are worth practicing. First of all, they do not forget about physical activity – they walk a lot, get up early in the morning and immediately after breakfast they go to the garden to weave beds. They live peacefully and without haste, lead an active social life until old age. Their lives are governed by ikigai. It’s a Japanese word meaning pleasures and the essence of life – to have a passion that gives you purpose and the happiness of being constantly busy.

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