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Oklahoma restricts access to abortion. Changes in the United States

Aborcja w USA coraz mniej dostępna (fot. Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The governor of Oklahoma signed a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. This is another American state that has departed from the most liberal abortion law. At the central level the United States is likely to see a major shift soon.

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The law, signed by Governor Kevin Stitt, was passed by the Oklahoma State Legislature, which has a Republican majority. Prohibits almost all abortions immediately after the sixth week of pregnancy. This allows for exceptions Only later in medical emergencies.

Citizens can sue abortion service providers or anyone Who “helps or inspires it.” This ban is exemplary Texas law, It came into force in September last year.

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“I want Oklahoma to be the most life-saving state in the country because I represent the four million Oklahoma residents who want to protect their unborn children,” Stid tweeted.

In April, he signed into law a ban on almost all abortions in which abortion offenders are imprisoned. It comes into effect in August.

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Row We Wade. Will there be a revolution in America?

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a statement confirming the authenticity of a statement issued by Politico on Monday 1973 Bill to repeal the Row We Wade judgment. Established the right of precedent judgment of the Supreme Court It is possible to have an abortion before the fetus. Amending this law would leave the rules regarding abortion to the discretion of individual states.

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Supreme Court President John Roberts on Tuesday strongly condemned the leak. Ordered an inquiry into his evidence.

Held Tuesday in New York and other cities Demonstrations in support of abortion rights. Thousands of people gathered in Foley Square in Manhattan. Among others she spoke was Lettidia James, New York’s Democratic Attorney General.

A similar demonstration took place in front of the Barclays Sports and Entertainment Center Brooklyn, New York.

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