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Ola Chuba and the Cuban were broken?! My clothes are behind the door.

Ola Chuba and the Cuban were broken?!  My clothes are behind the door.

Ola Siuba She proved to be one of the “Slavic Donatana” girls. Since Eurovision 2014, when he was with Paula Tomala She taught Europeans how to stir butter, and her career developed significantly. Today, the long-legged blonde performs the role of a presenter and DJ. He also works on Instagram, where he willingly shares parts of his life with more than 800,000 fans. Especially, celebrities are someone’s fiancée Jacob “Kubańczyk” FlasaHowever, there have been reports for some time that the two were not feeling well…

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for three years Ola And the Kuba were considered an exceptionally harmonious duo. However, there are many indications of this They are no longer together. This is proven, among other things, by Instagram clues in the form of Deleted shared photos And the fact that Stop watching each other – as we know – in the world of show business, it doesn’t bode well for anything good.

Moreover, a Cuban recently posted a new song on YouTube. There will be nothing unusual in it, because the guy has been working as a rapper for several years, but the lyrics of the song are very meaningful. We hear in it, among others: “She sees me in really bad shape. It’s a pity that because of her behaviour. Fame, money, three sleepless nights. Don’t look at us from an Instagram perspective.” or “I’m on a roll. At the same time, my clothes are out the door.”

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The second line will be a confirmation that expara(?) is no longer living with him. Especially since Ciupa has been reporting via Instastories for some time, Because it arranges itself in a new outlet.

There were a lot of comments by curious fans under the Cuban post promoting “clothes behind the door”.

A large number. What do you want to tell us through the “clothes behind the door”? What about Ola?; Nice piece, but you insult Ola at this point because you know who she is….; Did you break up with Ola?; Ola has already removed all photos with Kuba; I was just wondering why this silence, after all, you can see that they are not back together – We read.

Plus, a few days ago, DJ Slavic posted an Instagram post in which she thought about love:

Do I believe in love? I believe. Love exists. Unfortunately, addiction, money and fame can get people in their heads, destroy everything and trample everything with dirty shoes. Nothing happens without a reason. Nobody is blameless, but the way you treat people says it all about you in the end. (…) A contractor told me a very wise sentence while we were talking about life: “Don’t look at your neighbor’s grass. Plant your garden” and I apply this principle in my life. The grass in my backyard is green. By the way, the grass is a symbol of growth, further development and conquest. Thank you to those who are with me, your support means a lot to me – We can read on her profile.

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I’m so sorry at all

It just shows how they lie. On social media, beautiful couple, beautiful pictures, beautiful holidays. Aside from social media, arguments and the end of the relationship

Life.. you mention a drop in the neck, but we live in the age of rapid speed, the seasons of the child’s chord doubt… How do you live

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Oh, these perfect Instagram couples and their colorful lives. patio

Yes, most of the time I only say two words, and I feel sorry for that, because about the first and about the second you can come up with a story that will be explored as long as this sentence said by a child in the heat of fun with drawing it turns out that Kinia learns to draw from a child and is slow. I’m very slow and attentive because I’m observant and meticulous, and I guess I didn’t draw a mark on Amidala’s pants because I didn’t draw something I’d like to hang on the wall, so I didn’t give a shit. And that’s it. Two or even three words: nonsense, piercing and stuff.

The lack of gray cells hurts, doesn’t it?


5 minutes ago

When it comes to Ola 🤌

I removed all the pictures with him so they should be parted

The world is collapsing with such false heroes

On the tic, people write that he does drugs

And the end of the next media pretends to love.

Olenka is finally smart

I used to think that if they diverge, I’d rise to Ola Ciupa, but realistically I’m 39, I’ve only had one girlfriend in my life and for 3 months I earned 8,200 total, so that’s fine, but is it enough to meet Ola’s step? Mostly not. So my dear, good luck in life and love!

I don’t know what she saw and those glasses are like grandpa

What is this Cuban? man?

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