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Ola from the “Paradise” hotel underwent cosmetic treatments. What have you improved in appearance?

Ola from the "Paradise" hotel underwent cosmetic treatments.  What have you improved in appearance?

Observers of Ola Haboda, one of the participants in the third edition of the program “Paradise Hotel”You have rightly noticed that Ola has changed recently. She does not intend to hide it and openly admitted that it interferes with her appearance, which she is very pleased with.

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Paradise Hotel. Ola underwent cosmetic treatments

Alla once shocked the other participants of the TV show. It turns out she knows Michai, who also got into the show. Later it was also revealed that the participants had a good suspicion that Ola and Michał had something in common in the past! And although she aroused a lot of emotions, she could not reach the final of the program. Ola can’t complain, as she has already gained a huge fan following who follows her on social media, where she willingly contributes.

Recently, she decided to answer some questions from her fans. Someone asked a private question and asked if Ola had improved her beauty, because her face looks a little different from hers on the show. Although some people prefer to avoid the answer, the previous post easily listed the beauty treatments I decided to undergo. She doesn’t hide that she is satisfied with the effects, and also that some people have already noticed

I’m so glad someone noticed it. That’s what I did and I’m already telling you what. Yesterday I made my chin and cheeks flushed and I also had Botox on my nose, so I’m very happy – I admitted.

Ola also showed off her photos with Hall A beauty shop she visited. Big change in appearance?

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