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Older cars won’t go downtown? Clean transportation areas can return to many places

Older cars won't go downtown?  Clean transportation areas can return to many places

The National Reconstruction Plan for Poland adopted by the European Commission in June assumes that in cities with a population of over 100,000, where air pollution standards have been found to be exceeded, clean transport zones should be established. During the New Mobility Conference in mid-September 2022, local government officials and experts will work on finding the optimal way to implement zones in Polish cities.

It is not yet certain whether the KPO rulings will put strong pressure on Polish cities to work on improving air quality, or whether they will simply become a set of recommendations and guidelines without binding force. However, there is a possible scenario in which local authorities of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants will soon face an obligation to create a clean transport zone in their area.

At present, national law does not impose such requirements on local governments. The Electric Mobility and Alternative Fuels Act, amended in December 2021, gives cities the tools to create new rules to regulate traffic based on vehicle emissions, but leaves them free to decide if and when they wish to take such action. So far, only Krakow and Warsaw have submitted initial plans to create clean transport zones.

At the same time, there is pressure from below to work. According to a poll conducted for the Clean Air Fund, it was 58 percent. The Poles want to create a clean transport zone in their city. For Warsaw and لودód, this result was 66%, respectively, and 74% for Wroclaw.

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