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Oleksij Arestowicz: They had to be prepared for Catholic Christmas

Oleksij Arestowicz: They had to be prepared for Catholic Christmas

And asked by the portal, Aristovich, realizing that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was inevitable, replied: “End of October. I knew 100% then that they would attack.”

He also adds, the first date the attack was planned for was December 26, 2021 – and they were due to be ready for Catholics. birthday. But they did not succeed in it because of their filth. The second deadline is January 12, said an adviser to the Ukrainian president.

Another date, given by Arestowicz, is February 16. – They gave them a whole month to prepare, and decided to strengthen them. Then they began to massively deploy the Russian Guards – he added.

Adviser to the President of Ukraine It is reported that Russia did not attack China at that time, as it began in China on February 12 Winter Olympics.

After the games were over, Russia waited a few more days. Zelensky’s advisor pointed out that On February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated in Russia. “They celebrated the day – they attacked on the morning of February 24,” he added.

As Arestowicz reported it He must have known three days agoThe date of the invasion is set as February 24.

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