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Olga Fritsch defends May Bohusevic: “This is hatred, which comes from women.”

Olga Fritsch defends May Bohusevic: "This is hatred, which comes from women."

Thursday Maja Bohusevic She posted an advertisement that she was looking for a personal assistant. The show didn’t lack a long list of the star’s absurd requirements, but it didn’t contain basic information on working conditions.

Ad content was quickly criticized by people who indicated that similar offers distort the job market. The experts accused Bohosiewicz, inter alia, of lack of professionalism. However, Maya did not consider it appropriate to take these sounds seriously. Instead, the commenters mocked.

On Friday, her friend sided with Maja Olga Frieze. In a long recording, celebrities lamented the “hate” that Bohosiewicz touched and pointed out those responsible for the confusion.

Yesterday the internet was flooded with a wave of rancor and hatred for Maja. Of course, this is hatred and filth that comes from women. This does not surprise me at all, because it seems to me that all these feminists, who cry out loud when they are feminists, are shouting all those slogans, like “brotherhood”, that is already a long time ago Olga started.

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Later on in this post, celebrities have made it to the modern “woman’s woman” argument.

Never in my life have I encountered more hate, which only flows from woman to woman, and of course more hate of course from these women who call themselves feminists. Well, the self-righteous feminists, the very first feminists in PolandFrycz said a little incoherently. And of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up on Instagram with Poland’s first feminists, with some silly pictures of me. They’ll write an essay on the fact that “a celebrity defends a celebrity” – there was really such a thing – so it’s not new. No: “The woman defends the woman,” No – “the friend defends her friend,” not even “the mother defends the other mother.” It will be: “A Warsaw celebrity defends the second celebrity in Warsaw.”


I will always stand up for my friends, especially the Maja I know. He has a specific sense of humor, which not everyone buys. She definitely doesn’t want to offend anyone, and the whole wave of hate that has spilled on her is completely incomprehensible to me. I am so amazed that the hate is so easily poured out on someone who has never hurt anyone. If someone has different opinions, and a different sense of humor, my advice is to think about it sometimes and not write articles about it, because hate is really hopeless. I’m not surprised it’s made with women, because I’m used to it. this is the truth – Hear.

The celebrity did not mention in her recording her opinion of the work show published by Bohosiewicz.

Do you think it would be better for Maja if she just apologized?

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