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Oliwia Knapek from “Love Island” has had her breasts enlarged. She showed her breasts after surgery [ZDJĘCIA] – Szołbiznes – MAXXX . News

Oliwia Knapek from "Love Island" has had her breasts enlarged.  She showed her breasts after surgery [ZDJĘCIA] - Szołbiznes - MAXXX . News

Oluya Knabek, a participant in the second edition of “Love Island. Love Island”, underwent a breast augmentation operation. You’ve already bragged about the first effects on the web. How do you recover from the recovery period?

Oluya Kanbek in the program “Island of Love”

Oliwia Knapek received recognition as a participant in the second season of the reality dating show “Love Island”. Love Island. On the show, she was initially paired with Igor Chubkovsky, but eventually parted ways, and then Knapek She became involved with Mikołaj Cieśla. When they returned from sunny Spain to Poland, They were still a couple for the next few months. They parted at the beginning of March this year. since then Oleuka is officially single.

Olivia from ‘Love Island’ did her breast augmentation

20-year-old Oluya gained great popularity thanks to her participation in the program “Island of Love”. Her Instagram profile currently has 130,000 followers. Knapek recently told them that I decided to undergo plastic surgery. Participant in the dating program Polsat Her breasts have grown. She has already left the hospital and can regain her full strength in the privacy of her own home.

Olivia from ‘Love Island’ showed off her breasts after surgery

Knapek is already done via InstaStories Tell the fans a little bit about your process. She shared her first impressions and revealed how she feels right now. The 20-year-old does not hide that she has some mobility issues. He needs help in some situations. Fortunately, I confessed There is someone to help her then.

I am interested, someone help me, everything is fine على

– She said.

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The participation in the second season of “Love Island” also revealed that she decided to do so Breast augmentation by sub-muscular method. She will have to wear a special corrective bra for the next eight weeks. Only after this time will you be able to see the final effects of the process. So far recover slowly.

She is getting better every day. It was a tough night, I admit. Only a few days should pass, you will have to suffer and you will be fine. Today I showered myself, everything is going right

– Says Knabek.

Photo: Instagram / @knapekoliwia

Oliwia Knapek with

Photo: Instagram / @knapekoliwia

Oliwia Knapek with

Photo: Instagram / @knapekoliwia

Oliwia Knapek with

Photo: Instagram / @knapekoliwia

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