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On Halloween, it’s very expensive, not only at gas stations! On November 1, drivers will pay double the amount at the cemetery

On Halloween, it's very expensive, not only at gas stations!  On November 1, drivers will pay double the amount at the cemetery

It is already certain that this year’s car trips to Halloween will be more expensive due to the significant increase in fuel prices. However, this is not the end of bad news for drivers, because on November 1 there will also be other increases. We will pay much more in front of the cemeteries themselves.

The Poles are accustomed to the fact that when they go to the cemeteries they prepare most of the matches or a lighter in advance. You don’t have to worry about the rest, because getting out of the car in front of the cemetery is faced with a large collection of fresh flowers or candles. However, on November 1, many drivers may be surprised, because you will not only spend a fortune on diesel, gasoline or LPG, but also the decorations we put on the graves are huge increases.

Photo: – Irina Schmidt

How much will it be more expensive?

The increases are big, because we can pay 30 percent for candles. More so, prices for cartridges have jumped by half. There are several reasons for this, one of which coincides with the reason for the increase in prices at gas stations. The problem is that the inclusion of the candle is made by refining crude oil, which only becomes more expensive. The necessary paraffin to buy is 100% more expensive! The prices of plastic and glass, that is, all elements of cartridges or candles, also rose.

That’s not all, because there are also strong increases in the state of flowers. This is especially true of those that were cheaper, that is, synthetic. Unfortunately, more expensive transportation from China means that you have to pay twice as much for packages and synthetic packages. Of course, fuel prices, inflation and an increase in the minimum wage also have an impact on everything. Today, people who run a business and have permits trade in cemeteries. All this is costing them more and more, and they are not able to maintain prices.

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Candles in the cemetery

They will steal you in the end

For many Poles, this may be the most expensive Day of the Dead in history. In small towns, people start counting every penny, which makes it profitable for some sellers to offer large bouquets of live flowers. This year, it will be possible to sell such compositions only in major cities, although everywhere you will feel higher expenses. However, many people are afraid of buying decisions, because even when buying an expensive candle, there is a fear of theft. Merchants from nearby cemeteries also feel the competition from supermarkets, which offer candles and accessories a bit cheaper. However, sellers warn that it is of lower quality and shorter times.

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