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On Sunday, August 28, Polpharma Health Zone invites you to the free health advisory program at Rybnik • Rybnik • Information – – portal, journal

Strefa na Zdrowie Polpharmy  zaprasza w niedzielę 28 sierpnia na PROGRAM BEZPŁATNYCH KONSULTACJI ZDROWOTNYCH w Rybniku

On Sunday, August 28, between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Polpharma Health Zone invites residents of Rybnik to the Historic IGNACY Mine, ul. Mościckiego 3, for free heart, diabetes and eye pulmonary check-ups. Polish and Ukrainian patients can benefit from the research. Polpharma Health District takes place during the 4th Ukrainian Culture Day in Rybnik, which has been organized in the city since 2019. Among the many events there will be, among others, performances, workshops and concerts.

As part of this procedure, there will be 6 doctors’ offices in Rybnik, where specialist doctors, with the support of nurses, will consult patients. In addition, coordinating personnel for on-site testing are provided. In the interest of patient safety and to prevent patients from accumulating in front of offices, as part of the campaign, a reception desk for the numbering system will be launched, which will facilitate the conduct of consultations.

Strefa na Zdrowie is Polpharma’s response to the need to popularize preventive checks. Since 2012, the company has been implementing a program aimed at facilitating access to such tests for people over 40 years old. This year, the region celebrates its tenth anniversary. To date, more than 20,000 patients have been examined during 105 free research campaigns throughout Poland.

As part of the health district, a number of free medical examinations and consultations are planned for 2022, which for many patients are difficult to access on a daily basis – especially after the pandemic has limited the availability of specialists and treatments.

“The pandemic has led to a significant reduction in the number of procedures performed, as well as visits and ophthalmological examinations. Restrictions, closures and, above all, fear of the coronavirus have, unfortunately, pushed other health issues, including eye health, into the background in the mind of Public.Patients do not report symptoms to the ophthalmologist or delay their appointment, and often abandon previously planned procedures.This is evident from the numbers, in 2020 we recorded a 30% decrease in the number of cataract surgeries compared to 2019, and in the age group of the most need, i.e. 70+, by about 45%. At the same time, the number of new cataract diagnoses has decreased by about a third. As a result, we are now witnessing an increased demand for eye examinations and treatment, and at the same time more patients are coming in worse condition than they were Before the pandemic, Dr. Hebb n. med. Jacek Szaflik, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, Warsaw Medical University.

In addition, as part of the initial release, the organizers of the program want to encourage refugees from Ukraine to control their health and continue drug treatment for chronic diseases. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Polish medical mission has been operating first-aid posts on the Ukrainian side of the border crossings. However, the need to make an appointment and then collect and purchase the prescription was very demanding for patients during the long and exhausting journey. Unfortunately, neglected diseases often lead to a deterioration of the patient’s condition and the need for hospitalization. Recent years and the difficulty of accessing tests may have discouraged some people from taking care of their health on a regular basis. On the other hand, our guests from the East have had so much work to get to know the new country since February that they may neglect chronic diseases or miss the onset of worrisome symptoms. Ewa Pikarska-Demos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish Medical Missionaries Association, Ewa Pikarska-Demos, confirms an extra day of free check-ups.

Therefore, this year Polish and Ukrainian patients will be able to benefit from free heart, diabetes, eye and lung examinations:

This wide range of tests will help to detect health neglect and immediately implement treatment. “The time after the pandemic is the time to pay off the health debt because diagnosis and treatment have been neglected. We receive a large number of critically ill patients who require rapid and intensive treatment procedures. Chronic diseases did not wait for the pandemic to end. It is a time of reflection that states that all must be addressed. Chronic diseases according to the guidelines, regardless of the circumstances ”- says Prof. Doctor Hebb. n. med. Artur Mamcarz, Head of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Medical University of Warsaw.

“We are a partner for patients in taking care of their health, therefore, as the largest Polish pharmaceutical company, we have been involved in health education and prevention for many years. This year, we also invite our guests from Ukraine to participate in the health zone. This is another expression of Polpharma’s support for the Ukrainian community. To date, we have donated more than 1 million packages of life-saving medicines to Ukrainian hospitals. We also run the My Ukrainian Patient procedure, which aims to facilitate communication for Polish doctors and pharmacists with patients from Ukraine.” — Magdalena Rzeszotalska, Head of Corporate Communication and CSR/ESG at Polpharma.

Zones at all locations will be open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On the site it will be possible not only to benefit from medical advice, but also to receive educational materials and familiarize yourself with the rules for dealing with the most common diseases.

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Locations and dates of preventive measures

  • August 20 – Starogard Gdański, Market Square
  • August 28 – Rybnik, Ignacy Mine, ul. Mościcki 3
  • 04.09 – Kobyłka – 15 August Square
  • 09/11 – Sieradz, Wojewódzki Square, next to Warta Department Store
  • September 18 – Przemmel
  • September 25 – Nowa Diba Square of the local cultural center, Al Mujahideen. Żeromskiego 2

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