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On the box only: A body language expert analyzes the meeting between Khloe Kardashian and Michelle Moroni. Is there a chance for a passionate romance?

On the box only: A body language expert analyzes the meeting between Khloe Kardashian and Michelle Moroni.  Is there a chance for a passionate romance?

Displays Dolce & Gabbana As part of Milan Fashion Week, this somewhat unexpectedly led to a flurry of speculation about the love life Chloe Kardashian. All because of a celebrity meeting From Michel Moroni. The star of “365 days” sat side by side Kardashianki The front row of a fashion show, and she even talked to her. Massimo also treated himself with a souvenir photo with a new girlfriend, in which he attracted the celebrity to him, embracing her waist.

All this indicates that Michel Moroni And the Chloe Kardashian They loved each other very well. A video of a couple flirting during the party after the show appeared on the web. In the video you can see As Chloe whispers in Michelle’s ear, he squeezes his arm in the process. The aforementioned video immediately sparked the imagination of netizens who had already begun to cheer for the relationship between the American and the Italian.

It is unknown if Khloe Kardashian and Michelle Moroni’s meeting during Italian Fashion Week has a chance to become the beginning of a closer acquaintance with the two. So Pudelek decided to consult an expert on the matter. Morrissey Sioren, body language coach At our request Look at photos and videos with the couple Made to mark the presentation of D&G and He analyzed it in detail.

The expert analyzed, among other things A picture in which the Italian star hugs at the waist and sniffs her hair sensually. Although Morrissey Cioren in an interview with Pudelek confirmed that the above shot is a “classic poses”, in his opinion, “The nuances that characterize the models’ positions to each other and the presented version of the relationship”.

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The relations between the two do not coincide (…). The aim of the shoot was to show that both of them are close to each other. It was meant to be a romantic session. At first glance it is so. Not everyone can play their part 100%. And so it is with Khloe Kardashian The expert assesses.

Michelle Moroni can play an intriguing, in love, sexy. I don’t know if he’ll play with Hamlet well, but Romia plays great. Khloe plays Julia in love badly, or plays Julia well, pretending to be cold magic (provocative indifference with a hint of sex) Stitched added.

Moroni’s behavior toward the Kardashians comes into the picture, according to a body language coach It can be read as a sign of desire. But as a result of careful analysis, the expert came to slightly different conclusions about the actual nature of celebrity relationships.

In this pose, Michele Moroni matches several elements of body language. A look at her partner’s neckline, a close-up of her head toward Chloe’s neck, Which is complemented by a strong embrace and, most importantly, the position of the hand in the sphere that testifies to strong desire. The hand landed in the woman’s intimate sphere, next to her breasts. But the devil is in the details. If the sexual act has already taken place, or if the urge is really strong, then his hand will be 1-3 cm higher – said the expert.

In an interview with Pudelek, Seweryn also mentioned “waist space down” to Chloe and Michelle. As he emphasized, it compliments the body language and since it is less controlled by the filming protagonists, “It often reflects real relationships and emotions.”

Michel Moroni put his right foot towards his partner. correctly. This is a classic sign of interest. But again, the devil is in the details. Sexual arousal, seduction, lust and sex from the inside of the thigh. Instead, Chloe touches the front of her thigh. Here we have two meanings. The first is about his emotions. Khloe’s second feelings. In his case, it could mean that he is not interested and is just playing his part. On the other hand, the effect of escaping from it… – Values.

Analyzing Khloe Kardashian’s body language, the expert noticed that celebrities in the presence of Michelle Moroni She lowered her gaze humbly and vaguely, But at the same time she “tightened her neck”, which in the case of a woman is an eloquent gesture.

Another space analyzed by an expert is the arms and hips of Kardashian and Moroni, which sort of form Border Points. According to Seweryn, Khloe’s body language doesn’t bode well for her relationship with the Italian.

(…]The biceps and the position of the hand visible in the mirror indicate that the hand has landed high. This does not bode well for a close relationship with Moroni. Chloe’s chest falls on the actor’s body And how the dominant nod to the masses suggested that they had something in common. An important component is the hip area and the position of the legs. Celebrities have less control over this space. Her legs extend beyond Moroni’s body. Plus, she leans away from her with her thighs. This means that she does not want intimacy, or that she does not want to show it in public The expert assesses.

Maurice Cioren also looked at Chloe and Michelle’s behavior During the after party of Dolce & Gabbana. A body language expert noticed this while chatting Celebrity removed from Italian lays her hand on himA very safe and not very intimate sphere.” Moroni’s hand was placed in turn A classic dance pose, without intimate elements. The dark glasses that Chloe wore were an additional obstacle to intimacy.

A body language coach drew similar conclusions after watching a Tiktok video of a conversation between Chloe and Michelle. According to the expert, It was difficult to discern any chemistry between the famous couple.

Stay away from the body, eye contact time, tilt shapes and maintain a constant distance between other body parts while tilting It testifies to a conversation between two people who want to mingle, but the chemistry is not there. Especially from Chloe. The nail in the coffin was a click on Morrone’s frame in the closing seconds of this movie. This is how you slap a friend, but not a boyfriend, let alone a boyfriend – said the expert.

This is a conversation between two people. There is no chemistry. He is sitting. Her legs are neutral. Shoulders too. Neither the upper body nor the bottom points toward the kidneys. Gestures are an important component. Moroni plays with things in his hands. This form can mean: confusion, boredom with the conversation, boredom with the whole event, including the conversation. Yes, a man may feel embarrassed in front of the one he loves. However, the rest of the body does not prove it It is to explain.

Do you think knowing Khloe Kardashian and Michelle Moroni has a chance to develop?

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