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On the way to green energy. We are successful, but changes are needed

2022-04-16 16:56

2022-04-16 16:56

On the way to green energy.  We are successful, but changes are needed
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Poland has more than met the 2020 Energy and Climate Package target, mainly due to biomass. However, further development of renewable resources requires raising the barriers and directing specific funds for this.

The war in Ukraine raises the need for a rapid shift toward clean energy. Accelerating the transition to clean energy can reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels and provide protection against rising prices. The development of renewables can be accelerated, but it requires changes in current policies and the removal of legislative barriers.

In 2020, the European Union reached 22.1 per cent. The share of renewables in total final energy consumption, that is, more than two percentage points above that specified in the Energy and Climate Package. This is aggregated data from three sectors: electricity, heating, and transportation. Member states have been forced to a different extent to achieve the common goal, Poland has committed to achieving 15 percent by 2020. RES share. And we were able to fulfill that obligation with revenge.

In Poland, the share of energy from renewable sources in the total final energy consumption was 16.1%. All thanks to the fact that the Central Bureau of Statistics corrected the 2018-2020 data regarding the acquisition and consumption of solid biofuels in households. As a result, the share of renewables has increased by more than 3 percentage points. The coronavirus pandemic also helped these statistics, because in 2020 Poland’s energy consumption fell by more than 3.5%, with the increasing use of energy from renewable sources.

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In this way, Poland avoided the need for a statistical transfer, that is, contracts for the statistical purchase of a certain amount of energy from renewable sources from another member state, which exceeded its target. This solution has been used by: Belgium, Ireland, Kingdom of the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Another option Germany has used is joint renewable energy projects, which are also a type of cooperation mechanism recognized in the renewable energy directive. However, France did not achieve its goal.

Biomass is the largest source of green energy

Most renewable energy is provided by biomass, both in Poland and the European Union, but in the case of Poland, it represents more than 70 percent. green energy, while the EU average is around 40 percent. In thermal engineering, biomass is the main source of renewable energy. The use of biomass in the Polish heating sector has increased, and at the same time, the share of biogas and municipal waste, which includes the so-called green energy, is growing dynamically. organic part.

What is the largest source of green energy in Europe? What is the plan to increase the share of renewable energy? What will the big money be allocated from the EU and national budgets? More on this later in the article at

Magdalena Skłodowska,

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