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Only on the box: Anna Deriszowska is pregnant!

Only on the box: Anna Deriszowska is pregnant!

Anna Deriszowska Apart from her performances on stage and screen, she primarily performs as a mother. The actress is raising her 13-year-old daughter Lina from a relationship with her Peter Grabowski A son about 6 years old PayWith Daniel world.

althoug Deriszowska Rather it’s about celebrities who avoid showing off their kids, instead of photographing them From the back or maybe from the profileIt happens to her sometimes Open to private topics. Some time ago, in an interview with one of the portals, Anya talked about the disease Hashimoto, who suffers from her daughter.

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As we were able to find out, you will soon see Lena and Maks … BrothersBecause the actress She is expecting a baby! So, that’s fair The second trimester of pregnancyAn expectant mother can work professionally without any problems. Currently, the actress is in the process of filming the series “Commissioner Mama”, in which she plays the role of iInspector Patrycja Madali مفتska.

Filming for this part of the series ends in mid-July, and until then production is underway You’ll be able to frame the shots so you can’t see the pregnancy belly – Production person reveals in an interview with Pudelek and reveals the further plan for the character of Ania


Then a break in the shooting is planned, so Anya I totally hit the pregnancy. It will only return for the next slide recordings that will happen after birth.

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