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Only on the box: We know the gender of the fourth child of Alexandra and Michai Chybrowski!

Only on the box: We know the gender of the fourth child of Alexandra and Michai Chybrowski!

At the beginning of February Alexandra Szybruska announce it with Mikhail Expecting another baby. In an Instagram post, she boasted of a photo of a positive pregnancy test, saying “It’s not COVID, it’s Michał.” She spent the following weeks reporting the blessed condition on the Internet.

Until now Alexandra Szybruska And the Michael Chebrowski They had three sons: Henrik, Francesc and FelixThe youngest of them was born in August 2020. Today the couple is expecting her fourth child, but the actor’s wife confirmed that it is her eighth pregnancy, as some previous attempts to expand the family led to the loss of the child.

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This time, fortunately, everything is going smoothly, and since the announcement of the next pregnancy, there have been many guesses in the press about the gender of the youngest child in the large Żebrowski family. How did we find out The couple will soon welcome another son into the world!

Abrovska will give birth to a son. Ola comes from a big family and wants to have one too – Reveals our source from the close circle of Żebrowskis.

At the same time, our informant guarantees that it will not end with the fourth child, because the spouses dream of a larger family. They also hope to have little girls in the future.

Pudelek congratulates you and wishes you good health!

They will so do their daughters

I’m a fan… that doesn’t mean I’m jealous 🤣

There are 7 girls and one boy in her family. She is the eldest of the siblings.

That’s why, I’m all the same

I wonder what it feels like to have so many same-sex children. It’s better for kids, isn’t it?

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I am waiting for information on how long it will take to conceive each of these children, when, where and under what circumstances, whether both have achieved orgasm, etc., etc. The third, fourth, eighth, and tenth children…

Bochicha – what is the name of the brand …

She gives birth to dry her womb! Polish mother.

At school, I had a friend who had 6 siblings at home and I didn’t feel comfortable with him. They lived very modestly in a small town, my father earned little, my mother did not work, and I could hardly feed, wear and raise this male nursery.

Grandma – get out …

7 minutes ago

Congratulations and I wish you all the best. You can see that the Żebrowski family is not going away 🙂

Well, now it’s time for another McDonald’s announcement, so that Żebrowski doesn’t end up as Pazura, whose wife demanded the ubiquitous “manager” of Chalorezi and from an actor who once became a garkowciskiem

Congratulations and good luck!!! healthy baby!!!!

Jesus. I have one, and it’s beyond me. Work, home, other duties. My interests and the interests of my daughter to whom we devote a lot of time. Time is always missing. I admire parents who have many children and can handle them.

Every year is a prophet. She will still be pregnant – this is her “beauty”. I won’t drive children by hand – without a leash – lol

Every year is a prophet. She will still be pregnant – this is her “beauty”. I won’t drive children by hand – without a leash – lol

Well, otherwise the Canadian and American onion schools would collapse. Let those bunnies, hamsters and more push these kids out there.

resident of…

10 minutes. Ago

The wife’s sister has only 10 sons because they died.2. One for hydrocephalus and the other for splitting the spine. It is a pity, because, as the son-in-law says, there will be an extra thousand per month. The sister-in-law has had a few miscarriages, but she doesn’t know exactly how many. few. The brothers-in-law are fans of the white lady and, as their son-in-law says, have finally stopped worrying about where to get here for a daily bottle, sister-in-law adds that a second bottle would not be a problem either. They are calm and do not have to work. There are days when older children bring their mothers in wheelbarrows from the road home because they can’t walk on their feet. The sister-in-law says she spends up to 50 zlotys a week to support the family and the rest of the costs are covered by social care. In addition, they collect everything from the surrounding houses so that they can get them. Neighbors say it’s scary to even leave a window open in the basement.

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