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Only the United States can guarantee security

Only the United States can guarantee security

The consultation between the Polish-Lithuanian governments began on Friday. Prime Minister Mathews Moravici will speak with Prime Minister Ingrid Simonit and others on the security of the region in the context of our eastern neighbors. Matters relating to the membership of the two countries in the European Union will also be discussed.

In an interview with Anthony Trusmeal, head of the National Security Bureau on Polish Radio 24, he said that despite the possibility of Europe opposing Russia, the security of our continent depends on the United States. Pavech Soloch pointed out the reasons for this bias.

The United States guarantees security

In theory, Europe’s potential is sufficient to balance, for example, Russia’s ability, but there is no indication that the current situation will change over time. Only the United States can guarantee full security, Soloch said.

The politician pointed out that the viability of the US military (hence security) is primarily determined by the nuclear arsenal.

– This protection is due to the fact that the plants have mass weapons and ensure the safety of their allies. It is difficult to imagine that any European nuclear deterrents would emerge, he pointed out.

Solos said recent events in Afghanistan have shown the need for a strong national army.

– In a situation like Afghanistan, we can see national forces and resources ultimately deciding. The Americans recruited their aid in the form of equipment or soldiers. It is difficult to imagine security and prevention in Europe without the United States, he said.

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