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Opole University of Technology: a record number of research internationalization applications

Opole University of Technology: a record number of research internationalization applications

During the past two weeks, Opole University of Technology submitted 31 project applications, 15 of them related to the internationalization of research, Prof. Grzegorz Królczyk, Vice Chancellor for Science and University Development.

As Anna Kuynycz from the press office of the Opole University of Technology said, last year the university submitted nearly 50 projects on the creation of international research projects. Currently, scientists from Opole University are conducting joint research, including with Czech, German, Chinese, Italian and Finnish scientists.

“We do not have any complexes, and our scientists are well-known not only in the country but also abroad. Opole University of Technology has placed a lot of emphasis on innovation, on development in the field of science, which will be better if we want to continue to strengthen the areas that affect development. One of them is building teams Interdisciplinary, the second is very important, is to increase funding for science through external funds and a significant increase in internal funds for scientific development, for example, we have provided delta grants to build research teams, and soon we are providing alpha grants to individual scientists. It is the internationalization of our research” The professor confirms. Krollchik.

Scientists from Opole University of Technology will form international research teams with scientists from the Czech Republic, Germany, China, Italy, Israel, Finland, Spain and Switzerland. These projects cover different areas of research, from sustainable production to research in the field of signal analysis to the management and quality of operating systems. Scholars from China, Iran and India will also come to Opole to apply for grants, incl. In the programs of the National Science Center POLSKA, the Ulam National Academic Exchange Agency, and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

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As representatives of the university authorities note, for foreigners who chose Opole University of Technology as a place of work, both the appropriate level of the university and modern research equipment at the university’s disposal were important.

“Foreign scientists in their work at the Polytechnic will focus on mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering, that is, the main areas of development of our university” – explains the professor. Krollchik.

PAP – Science in Poland, Marek Szczepanek

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