July 29, 2021

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Or at first sight.  Carroll published a meaningful poem.  "I miss the coldness of your feet."  A reference to IgA?

Or at first sight. Carroll published a meaningful poem. “I miss the coldness of your feet.” A reference to IgA?

participants “Wedding at first sight” It still elicits a lot of emotion. Recent reports about the alleged romance of Carol and Laura from the latest fifth version of the program have electrified netizens once again. They are constantly following the fate of their favorite heroes. This time, Carroll posted a poem on Instagram referring to the heat by Krzysztof Koselski. The short orthographic path refers to a so-called “cold person”. Fans still remember that he broke up with Iga in a bad mood. Could it be a reference to an ex-wife?

Celica reading Twaim’s poem قصيدة

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Olivia from “Wedding at First Sight” already has a new partner?

“Wedding at first sight”. Carol publishes a poem with a reference to Iga?

An amusing-sounding rhyme fits the atmosphere that accompanied Carol and Ega towards the end of their marriage. Their relationship was great, to say the least.

I miss your cold feet

And hands that are always frozenتجميد

looks cold as ice

And the ego that will block the sun – reading the poem added by Carroll.

Posted by Carol from Carol from “Wedding at First Sight” published a poem Photo: instagram.com/karol.maciesz

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Let us remind you that Ega and Carol ended the show by canceling the marriage. Ega wanted to continue the relationship, but Carol was determined to break up. In the last episode, he talks about how his wife is often unhappy with him and that he feels badly treated. The couple was still arguing, auChestnik told the experts that Iga even suggested recording their private conversations. In the end, they barely spoke to each other.

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For several weeks, fans of the show have been trying to hook up with Carol Laura, whose marriage to Macic also failed. Netizens are looking for clues including. In the fact that Carol noticed Laura from two of his Instagram accounts, and one of the photos of Laura allegedly showed the man’s reflection in Mirror.