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Or at first sight. Is there still hope for Julia and Tomasz? A lot could happen this week.

Or at first sight.  Is there still hope for Julia and Tomasz?  A lot could happen this week.

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Sixth Edition “Wedding at first sight” It’s coming to an end. On the screen, we can watch the participants’ last moments before making the most important decision they will make during the experiment. A week before meeting with experts, Julia and Thomas were spending separate time, each in their own city. And although earlier Julia spoke directly about the breakupDoubts popped into her head as to whether she should have let her go so easily. On the other hand, Tomasz had no such fears and everything indicated that he would file for divorce on the day of the decision.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Is there still hope for Julia and Tomasz?

Julia and Tomek did not spend much time together after the wedding. Julia left her husband, but after a few days she began to doubt whether she was doing the right thing.

It’s not permanent, but I have moments of longing for Tomek. It would be nice to have him here next to me. I don’t know where it came from. (…) A lot can happen this week – Julia said.

Peter Mossack spoke with Julia and Tomasz separately. The psychologist notes that the engagement has not yet canceled her husband.

Will it work, I have no idea. However, after everything that happened, her attitude is open. She is ready to give herself a chance. Peter Mossack said: Learn about their relationship, watch it and learn about it.

But in Tomash he notes that he has given up and may have made the final decision to divorce.

The psychiatrist said he made a decision and it didn’t matter if she agreed with his beliefs, but he said he had had enough.

Thomass did not want to listen to the psychiatrist’s convictions to give his wife a chance. He stated that he has been in similar relationships and knows what he wants. The situation that led the couple to disagreement – talking about Julia’s appearance – may have frustrated Tom’s thinking subscriber future.

I honestly told her what I was thinking at the time. If someone isn’t willing to be honest, don’t ask them. The thing about experiments is that sometimes they fail – he said in an interview with a psychologist.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Elizabeth sticks a pin to Marek. “He wasn’t looking for love, he was looking for a place to live.”

Julia hesitated and managed to get rid of unpleasant situations. A spark of hope appeared in her heart. However, there is no indication that Thomas intended to say “yes” in the final episode. The decisions of the heroes will be broadcast at the same time at the end of the program on December 14 at 21:35 local time the television.

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