October 23, 2021

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Or at first sight.  Kasia responds with an eloquent quote to viewers' attacks.  Julia and Anita defended her

Or at first sight. Kasia responds with an eloquent quote to viewers’ attacks. Julia and Anita defended her

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In the sixth episode of the program the televisionWedding at first sight“Viewers watched the participants’ honeymoon. Particular attention was drawn to the relationship between Kasia and Pawe. Although Kasia explicitly stated at the beginning of the program that she does not have excessive requirements and will give a chance to each person chosen by experts, new feelings of excess prevailed. The woman began to distance herself from her husbandwhich viewers did not like. Observers nicknamed it the “Second Iga”. – A participant in the previous version of the program accused her of manipulation and toxic acts. Kasia decided to address the allegations and posted an eloquent post on Instagram.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Cassia responds to viewers’ accusations and defends Anita and Julia

Kasia published a self-portrait with a quote from the Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius. The participant suggests that viewers in 45-minute episodes do not have the opportunity to form an objective opinion about the relationship.

All we hear is an opinion, not a fact. All we see is an opinion, not the truth – Marcus Aurelius.

Comments on the entry did not lack the voices of other participants in the current version of “Wedding”. words of encouragement worm Julia her:

Hey Cassia, I repeat once again that you don’t have to worry about the opinions of people who post them based on a few nuggets on TV. You are a great grandmother, there is no doubt about that.

but that is not all. When a viewer criticized Kasia’s behavior in the program at the bottom of the post, Julia could not stand it and defended her friend from the show. She explained that the TV programs are only excerpts from the entire month of meeting the participants:

It’s very easy to give advice and be smart on the Internet, but you weren’t in Kasia’s position, or weren’t in any of us, so I admire your courage to make such strong judgments. Additionally, keep in mind that an episode lasts 42 minutes, one pair appears in an episode on average a dozen or so, and they spend an entire month together. What is the conclusion of this? These only show parts, bits of shared life that also happened off-camera. For the future, consider all aspects before you reevaluate someone.

Barron, Sandra KubicaSandra Kubica has already moved to Barron. “I’m sorry to read that he’s a grandmother

Julia’s comment was also accompanied by Anita who wrote:

exactly. Take care of yourself girls.

do you agree?

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