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Or at first sight. Kasia says if she sues Pawe for alimony. His sister couldn’t hold him. “Ka¶ka, really?”

Or at first sight.  Kasia says if she sues Pawe for alimony.  His sister couldn't hold him.  "Ka¶ka, really?"

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The relationship between Kasia and Pawe, although promised to be good at first, soon came to a halt. participant “Wedding at first sight” She asked her husband remotely, later accusing him of not taking the initiative. Catarzina’s behavior was met with great criticism from netizens, who were also not surprised by the end of this story. On the day of the decision, Kasia wanted to remain married, but soon changed her mind, explaining that she was not ready for a relationship. A few days after the last episode aired on Player, they appeared on the web gossip About the fact that Kasia decided to take advantage of her marriage to Pawe. Netizens claim that he has been sued for alimony. She vehemently denies the post, but not all of them believe her words.

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Pairs of “wedding at first sight” failed

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“Wedding at first sight”. Kasia relates to alimony allegations

As a lot of reports about alimony claim surfaced online, Pawe’s Instagram follower decided to ask Katarzyna directly. Mark it in the post and ask for comment on the matter.

Is it true that harsh filed alimony papers in the divorce application? All Poland is already screaming about it – we read.

It didn’t take long for the participant to comment. Bowie’s ex-wife responded that the charges were just plain nonsense.

this is not true! Paweł, can you relate to this? Paul’s teacher replied.

Pawe has been called to the board of directors so far and has not decided to comment on Kasia’s words. But the participant’s sister did not have such resistance. Originally, I wrote to Kasia very sharply.

Kasia, aren’t you expecting too much from Pawe after all this? – I wrote.

The answer disappeared after a while, and the participant’s sister pointed to Katarzina’s words again, this time in a more economical manner.

Kaśka, really? I just asked.

Zofia Zborowska and Andrzej WronaAt the beginning of the relationship, Zborowska and Wrona had a hard time: the sparks went like hell.

We asked both Katarzyna and Pawe to comment on the matter. The woman is silent and the man does not want to comment at the moment. Information found on the “The Wedding at First Sight” fan group shows that Kasia was to file a maintenance claim due to her inability to work. So far, there is no confirmation that this is true. And the Internet user suggested to participating in the program that you post a clear announcement about this on Instagram, but so far Kasia has not decided to take such a step.

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