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Orange Satellite TV end IPTV service How to download the quality price

Orange Satellite TV end IPTV How to download

The results for the third quarter of 2022 published by Orange show that the platform totaled 963,000. Participants. In the second quarter of this year. There were 970 thousand of them, while in the third quarter of last year there were 1.008 million the largest reductions related to customers using satellite pay-TV services. In the third quarter of 2014, the number of subscribers to the satellite reached 600,000, and in the third quarter of this year only 169,000. Only last year, their number decreased by 170 thousand. At the same time, the platform acquired 125 thousand. IPTV clients.

Orange does not promote satellite display on the Site. Instead, it focuses on offerings that combine television, broadband Internet connectivity, and mobile telephony. On IPTV there are channels that are not available in the Orange package on satellite, such as TVP Woman, TVP World, Dizi, Game Toon HD, Festival 4K, E-Sport, Music Box, Polsat Sport and Polsat Sport Extra. The satellite view is provided thanks to the cooperation with the Canal + platform, so the orange digital receivers have an almost identical layout in the channel list as the larger platform.

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We focus on fiber optics.

Why this decrease in the number of satellite receivers? Does Orange intend to continue the satellite offer? – At Orange Polska, we’ve been focused on fiber optics for a long time. That is why we focus on the IPTV service, the number of which is dynamically increasing. Comparing the third quarter of 2021 with the third quarter of 2022, the increase amounted to 125 thousand. IPTV subscribers, or 19 percent. year after year. When it comes to satellite services, we offer them to our customers through our partner – the Canal + platform – explains Wojciech Jabczyński, spokesperson for Orange Polska, in an interview with

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Media market expert Marek Swa notes that Orange’s subscriber base is quite stable, although the reception technology is changing. – It seems that the decrease in the number of subscribers of Orange Polska satellite TV is sharp, but in the vast majority of cases, it is just a deliberate operation planned by the company to transfer subscribers of the satellite service to the IPTV service. The satellite service is provided by Orange Polska through the Canal + platform, so it is no wonder that Orange is now focusing on service packages offered through its own optical networks. The total number of subscribers to the television service – satellite and the Internet – has reached about one million for several years, while the process of converting satellite clients into IPTV clients is clearly accelerating. Just a few years ago, more than 80 per cent. Orange Polska TV subscribers received the signal from the satellite, which is currently more than 80 percent. Subscribers use the IPTV service – convince Sawa in an interview with

Orange will quit satellite broadcasting?

Due to the inflation and development of streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, traditional pay TV operators are losing subscribers all over the world. Five years ago, the US satellite platform Dish Network had 13 million subscribers, and its competitor DirecTV had 25 million. At the beginning of 2022, the base of the first company was 9.99 million, and the second 14.6 million. Dataxis forecasts show that by 2027 cable networks in Europe will lose 16 percent. Of its customers and satellite platforms 10 percent. Digital TV research estimates that within 5 years The subscriber bases of traditional operators around the world will be reduced by 68 million.

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Analysts say that companies from Central and Eastern Europe are less exposed to this trend, but there is a slight decrease in the number of subscribers in the case of Polish Orange. Polish Canal + has not updated information about the number of subscribers (it had 2.7 million at that time) on the company’s website for a year. Polsat Box has not reported the number of subscribers in years, but the number of services sold. June 30 this year. Polsat Box had 5.117 million RGU services in the pay-TV segment. A year ago, it was 5.332 million. Maciej Stec, Vice President of Cyfrowy Polsat, explained a few months ago that the decline was due to the closure of ipla, which was available on a promotional basis to select customers, and its replacement with Polsat Box Go.

Could the Orange measure be related to the influx of subscribers from traditional operators, which we observe in many countries around the world? – Of course, the influx of customers of satellite platforms is part of broader changes in the media market, hence the precautions for operators to protect their subscriber base – Sawa resides. As a telecom operator, Orange can offer bundled services to its customers. In order to use streaming services, they must have good internet connections. So IPTV service can be considered as a bonus. Despite the shrinking satellite customer base, the company is not talking about “phasing out the satellite offering.” Such decisions can be made in the coming years. Some companies around the world are looking at it, but it will be done in slow steps. According to unofficial information, the British Sky platform may only install new satellite dishes until the end of 2023. However, the company does not intend to completely abandon the satellite offer, because only in this way can residents of small cities, where it is difficult to find high-quality Internet connections, can take advantage of its services.

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