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Orban criticizes the European Union and the United States at the start of the election campaign

Dziesiątki tysięcy Węgrów zebrały się w Budapeszcie, by upamiętnić antysowieckie powstanie z 1956 r. oraz wyrazić poparcie dla premiera Viktora Orbana przed wyborami parlamentarnymi w 2022 roku. W rozpoczynającym kampanię wyborczą przemówieniu Orban zarzucił UE i USA mieszanie się w sprawy jego kraju.

Tens of thousands of Hungarians gathered in Budapest to commemorate the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising and express their support for Prime Minister Victor Orban ahead of the 2022 parliamentary elections. In a speech that began the election campaign, Urban accused the European Union and the United States of interfering in his country’s affairs.

Participants Pro-government demonstration Marched towards the center of the capital, performed by Orban, EU companies and US officials have been accused of interfering in Hungary’s affairs He also called on his supporters to defend what his government has achieved in power for more than 11 years.

That is not what they want in Brussels, Washington and the foreign media. Hungarians will decide their fate – Insisted.

Brussels, like the poles, turns to us and considers us an enemy (…) It is time for them to understand that even the Communists could not defeat us – At the time, Orban was marking the 65th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against the country’s communist authorities.

Protesters waved Hungarian flags and carried banners with inscriptions “Brussels is a dictatorship”.

It is astonishing that we face the onslaught of the West who continue to criticize Victor Orban. Next year’s elections will show whether Hungary is a sovereign country or will melt in the Muslim Sea – One of the protesters told Reuters.

Orban supports anti-immigration rhetoric and repeatedly clashes with Brussels, accusing him of restricting media freedom. He opposes the transfer of more powers to the EU.

The same day took place in the Hungarian capital Hence the coalition of the six opposition parties. During the event, Peter Margie-Joy, the United Opposition’s candidate for prime minister in next year’s election.

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He declared that if he won, his government would draft a new constitution, suppress corruption, introduce the euro and guarantee media freedom. This regime (Government of Orban – BAP) has become morally intolerable – He announced.

He appealed to the opposition for more unity. All of this comes down to one question: Fitz or not Fitzz – he insisted, referring to Orban’s party.

For the first time since taking power Fitzgerald in 2010 Six major opposition parties – the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), Jobik, the Environmental Party Politica may be different, the Liberal Movement, the Democratic Alliance (KD) and the Liberal-Environmental Dialogue – decided to end. Coalition before the parliamentary election And held primary elections, in which it selected a candidate for prime minister in the 2022 elections.

Margie-JoyThe 49-year-old non-partisan conservative entered the political arena in Hungary three years ago, winning the early mayoral election in Hotmesovserheli, in southern Hungary. Previously, his public participation was limited to the Catholic community and the local school’s parent club. As defined “Disappointed fideszowiec”. As he says, he supported Fidesz and was greatly affected by the collapse of his first government in 2002, but over time he ceased to be a supporter of this party. Due to corruption in its ranks.

According to opinion polls, support for Fidesz and the opposition coalition is equal. Respondents have not been decided – Reuters reports.

Urban: Every new church is a stronghold in the struggle for freedom and the greatness of the nation

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