September 21, 2021

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Jak rozpoznać produkt ekologiczny

Organic food labels – what should the label contain?

If you buy organic food or want to buy it, you need to know how not to be fooled. Producers commonly use various tricks to convince us to buy “healthy food”. So-called healthy foods are not necessarily certified products. What is just a marketing gimmick and what proves that you have an eco product? We are checking.

Information on labels such as: “Healthy food”, “Eco-clean areas” or “Direct from nature” does not prove that we are dealing with organically grown products. Any manufacturer can put this information on the product. Some people call it “greenwashing” or “environmental disguise” – impersonating organic products using marketing measures. There is nothing wrong with buying such products, of course, but if you are looking for an eco-friendly food, you need to know how to identify it.

How do you recognize an ecological product?

The most important thing is to watch Product tag that must contain specific items. EU regulations, also implemented in Polish law, clearly define which products can be called organic and include the words: bio, ecological, organic – these three words mean the same thing. It can be placed on the product label, which is at 95 percent. Made from natural ingredients, i.e. non-GMO, no synthetic fertilizers and chemical phytoprotection products, i.e. those that have an ecological certificate.

But what if we buy an unpackaged product, like a carrot or a tomato? Then you have to ask the seller to show you the organic certificate. When accepting the goods in the store, he is obliged to review them with the supplier. It is better to make such purchases in a trusted store or … buy food in packages.

What should an organic food label contain?

A well-prepared label for an organic product should contain three elements:

  • Organic Food Logo (EU Membership Papers)
  • Designation of the certification body (name and number)
  • Information on the origin of the ingredients (eg PL farming, EU farming, non-EU farming, EU farming/non-EU farming)

It should also include all other information normally required for food products, such as the name and address of the manufacturer.

What does the European Union look like?

The EU Organic Agriculture label is a symbol consisting of a sheet of 12 white stars on a light green background. The current logo has not changed since 2010 and is valid throughout the European Union.

EU_logo_ecological products

fot. EU designation for organic farming – eco-leaves

EU organic papers can only be used for certified organic products.

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