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Orleen said pass. Tomorrow is the end of the fuel promotion

Orleen said pass.  Tomorrow is the end of the fuel promotion

Orlen Is First of Biggest Fuel Concerns to End ‘Summer’ Fuel Promotion Extended early September. His biggest rival followed suit.

At the beginning of September we reported that stations Extend the discount and make sure of it ‘Bargaining’ prices It’s still going. Now everything indicates Orlen will be the first to say “belt” for the season for discounts.

Promotion calculated by the hour

The day before the start of the school year, PKN Orlen president Daniel Obajtek announced on Twitter that, contrary to the company’s previous plans, the promotion doesn’t end with the holidays.[/b]But it will continue for another two weeks. Even today.

From 1 to 15 September this year. Each participant in the promotion will again receive a discount of 0.30 PLN per liter of any fuel (EFECTA or VERVA) as part of two refueling up to 50 liters. This will allow you to buy up to 100 liters of fuel at a reduced price ”- we can read on the concern’s website. Orlen adds that The discount for people with a large family card increases by 0.10 PLN / liter.

In this case, what do other fuel giant companies offer Polish drivers?

Longer on Lotus

The promotion at Orlen’s sister company, Lotos, will continue for more than two weeks.

“Because of the great interest in work LOTOS station chain extends the promotion until the end of September. Discount applies to Standard and Premium fuels (LPG excluded from the promotion). The procedure covers a maximum of three refueling times per month, and no more than 50 liters each, “- said the concern.

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As in the case of the Vitay Orlenu program, the Lotos offer is available to active Navigator participants. The main discount is also PLN 0.30 / l.

At Lotus, you can refuel 50 liters three times a month ” The big family card has a discount of PLN 38-40 / liter (Depending on whether we are refueling with standard or premium fuel) ”- was informed when the promotion was extended.

Shell does not count transactions

Attention to the shell in the logo, Like Lotos, it has extended the promotion until the end of September 2022. The discount is PLN 0.30 / liter, and you need to scan your Shell ClubSmart card to calculate the discount.

On the other hand, Shell is tempted by the number of transactions it does not limit. The concern reports on its website that “the discount applies to each refueling – regardless of frequency of visits. You can refuel up to 50 liters at a time and save up to 15 PLN.”

BP “until further notice”

BP . concern It was announced at the beginning of September that it would extend the promotion until further notice. Customers need a registered payment card to take advantage of the discount of 30 particles per liter. Moreover, BP is offering a discount of 10 fines even to drivers who have not registered for the refund.

BP has published a letter stating this The offer covers three refuelings per month of up to 50 liters of fuel each. Therefore, reduced drivers will fill 150 liters of fuel. Likewise, the promotion also includes LPG.

There are no changes to Circle K.

At the beginning of September, the press office of Circle K reported this to Customers will receive a voucher with a discount of 0.10 PLN / liter after refueling the first 50 liters. Offer includes basic fuel (including LPG) or increased to 0.15 PLN / liter for premium fuel.

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Using the discount, You can buy up to 85 liters of fuel at a time at all network stations at a reduced priceand discount vouchers are given to all customers, including those who pay for refueling with fleet cards ”- the statement reads.

The company adds that it is intended for participants in the EXTRA loyalty program The discount is permanent and does not indicate its expiration date.

ex fuel

A day before the planned end of the promotion for Orlen, everything indicates that the company will set a precedent that will likely bring other companies with it.

It just means that It is very likely that the networks of stations that have set a deadline for promotion will not be extended. So what about companies that haven’t? In the coming days, or weeks at the latest, we can expect from the aforementioned news work.

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