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ospreys work fine

ospreys work fine

Monitoring of the eagle, which was conducted over a 12-year period, shows that this year was a record-breaker in terms of the successful breeding of these predators in the province. Lubuskie province. More young people are born than in previous years – this was stated by PAP Michał Bielewicz of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ) in Gorzów Wlkp.

“This year, successful broods were recorded in eight out of eleven pairs of birds, which raised up to 20 chicks, which is up to four more chicks than the previous year,” Belvich told PAP.

He noted that despite more optimistic data from this year, punishment in the province. Lubuskie is still a species on the verge of extinction and requires more active protection and special care from the nature protection authorities.

The eagle is the only species of raptor in the county. Lubuskie Voivodeship, for which the RDOŚ in Gorzów has developed a special protection strategy and has been implementing it for 12 years, in cooperation with energy specialists, foresters and ornithologists from the Committee for the Protection of the Eagle.

The strategy for the conservation of this species assumes periodic control of the condition of eagle populations and the implementation of protection measures related to, inter alia: with the construction of artificial nests on trees and electricity poles in potential places for bird appearance, protection of eagle feeding areas, implementation of area protection, in addition to conducting educational activities among Foresters, fishermen and aquarium owners.

Every year, the number of breeding groups of eagles in the region, the distribution of species and breeding parameters, as well as the trends of these indicators are also evaluated.

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“The results obtained this year confirm the stability of the number of ospreys in the region at the level of 11 breeding pairs. For comparison, in 2011 only two pairs of this species nested in the entire Lubuskie county” – emphasized Bielewicz.

It is also interesting that for several years, on several specially installed nesting platforms intended for the protection of ospreys, other endangered species in the country have nested, namely, our largest domestic falcon, that is, the peregrine falcon. These predators also successfully reproduce in the Lubuskie forests, and their numbers are gradually increasing.

The eagle (Pandion haliaetus) is a migratory bird of prey weighing up to 2 kg and a wingspan of 170 cm. It has a brown-white color, a characteristic dark stripe along the eye and slightly swollen feathers at the back of the head. Its main food is fish.

Osprey usually comes to Poland in early March and April, and sometimes later. After raising the young, often at the end of August, they leave our country. As a rule, they return to the same nests for several years.

In our country, the eagle is one of the rarest species of birds of prey. The country has an estimated population of about 30 pairs. Punishment is a kind of so-called special care, the strict protection of which is punishable by national and European law. (PAP)

Author: Marcin Rynkiewicz

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