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Other complications in people after COVID-19. Symptoms and treatment of clostridia

Other complications in people after COVID-19.  Symptoms and treatment of clostridia

In Poland, we are dealing with a parallel epidemic of COVID-19 – an epidemic of clostridia – says Dr. Pawisz Grzyszewski, expert of the Supreme Medical Council against COVID-19 in an interview with Interia ZDROWIE. Clostridiosis is a disease of the intestine, which has been known for many years, and is most often manifested in patients who have outlived COVID-19 by about six months. During the epidemic, hospitals are filled with patients with gastrointestinal diseases. There are no official statistics, but Dr. Grzesiowski does not doubt that among the deaths from the Corona virus, there are victims of Clostridium.

Clostridium difficile is caused by Clostridioides, which are Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria that can move around. It is present in the intestines of many organisms without causing any symptoms. The situation changes when we give a broad-spectrum antibiotic, for example, a preparation containing fluoroquinolones, which is used to treat severe bacterial infections.

– Then the Clostridioides difficile bacteria go crazy and produce a toxin that primarily destroys the large intestine, and can sometimes lead to inflammation of the entire gastrointestinal tract – confirms Dr.

As we hear, patients who have contracted COVID-19 have had clostridia in Poland for six months. According to Dr. Grzesiowski is the second pandemic, after COVID-19, that we are currently dealing with.

Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski identifies two main causes of acute clostridia occurring in people who have succumbed to COVID-19. Unfortunately, some doctors contribute to this complication.

– This disease develops most often in a patient who is being treated with antibiotics. Often a patient with COVID-19 receives an antibiotic in the early stages of the disease, which they should not. Bacterial infections can only be fought with antibiotics, and Covid, after all, is a viral disease. The expert stresses that many doctors give antibiotics, although there are no indications of this.

Let’s not forget that coronavirus is also wreaking havoc in the gut. In convalescent cases of clostridia, this significantly worsens the prognosis.

– We have a 50-year-old female patient after contracting MERS, a mild form, whose disease has so damaged the intestines that we are now unable to treat her clostridia. It’s already after another treatment and a relapse – says Dr. Grzesiowski.

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