July 28, 2021

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Otylia Jdrzejczak rumbles after the Tokyo scandal!  He demands his resignation

Otylia Jdrzejczak rumbles after the Tokyo scandal! He demands his resignation

On Friday, there was still hope to clear up the confusion with the reports. However, it became clear on Saturday that it would be otherwise. The six Polish swimmers who showed their Olympic sympathy and traveled to Tokyo, did not properly enter the Olympic competition. It is located around Mateusz Chuak, Jan Kozakiewicz, Jacob Kraske, Pauline Bed, Alexander Polask and Alija Chers. As the president will confirm PPLBawi Somicki, the six Polish representatives at the Olympics, will not appear, and they have to return to the country.

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Huge problem for Polish swimmers ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. “I don’t want to look guilty”

Alpida and the coward spared no blessing Towards the Polish Swimming Federation, they were now joined by Olympic champion Otilia Jedrzejczak, who criticized PZP with strong words.

– It’s hard to comment. If someone told me we could write a science fiction movie, that would be the content. It is unbelievable to me that the guys did everything: they prepared 100%, and due to the fault of the Polish Pywacki Association, they could not participate in the Olympics. Six contestants received nominations, Olympic uniforms, and suddenly, after being in Tokyo, received the information: It won’t start. It’s not your fault, it’s the relationship, Jedrzejczak said In an interview with the portal “WP SportoweFakty”.

“Honestly, I can’t imagine how they feel right now.” If I were in their place, I would most likely have torn the guild apart, I would have quit the guild chief in an instant. It’s a shame that players are put in such a situation. These are years of hard work, years of sacrifice, miles travelled. And the Olympic champion from Athens continued, who said the victims, that it was not their fault that now I could not stand the most important event of my life.

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A strange situation in the Polish national team before the Olympic Games. “Misunderstood. It is not surprising that there have been severe accusations.”

Our players were in the Olympics for the first time. Some of them prepared for the Olympics with their own money, with money found from private sponsors, because, declaring that they would not participate in central training, they preferred to train with their own coach. Players are broken. Talking to them, it’s dangerous. There is one more thing: choose the competitors who will start. You have to choose the triangle that we are going to replace. These are very difficult times for these people. Do not envy them. I am embarrassed by the position of the Polish Swimming Federation, which cannot get out, apologizes and says: We made a mistake – said the multiple world and European champion.

Conditions for “enjoying” the training

Otylia Jdrzejczak It also refers to the topic raised by one of the victims – Elijah Cherries. I reported on Instagram that the Polish swimmers Get ready for the games in tragic circumstances – In an open pool with a depth of 1.40 meters, the water temperature is 39 degrees.

I admit that it is disappointing for me given the conditions in which the players have trained over the past five days. They went into the pool, which is 1.40 meters deep, and they could not even take it off very well. They went to the pool and were not informed of this. And the runners didn’t take sunscreen with them, so the sun “burned out” some of them after the first training session. I also heard that the nutrition is very poor. This also shows what the Polish Pywacki Association will do. He is looking for a place and ensuring that this site is good – concluded Jedzigczak.

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