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Our last escape from the darkness! Sony will raise money on Kickstarter for a board game

Our last escape from the darkness!  Sony will raise money on Kickstarter for a board game

Naughty Dog has just announced another game from The Last of Us universe, but this time the developers will not be responsible for the project. The Sony team has handed over the IP to an experienced studio that is making The Last of Us Escape the Dark board game.

The Last of Us is another IP that will be expanded by a board game. Naughty Dog has partnered with Themeborne, which will prepare The Last of Us Escape the Dark. The creators provide “beautiful black and white illustrated chapter cards that players solve together by overcoming challenges” – in this case, players are expected to deliver a unique experience with each session.

The creators will use their system, which has appeared in other titles, to take it into the world of The Last of Us. At the moment, we only received a small presentation of the board game, but all the details will be revealed on November 8 – on this day the Kickstarter campaign will begin.

Next week, not only will Naughty Dog provide game details, but players will also be able to pre-order productions — and the company will also be making a collector’s edition of the item, so that IP fans can set up a spot for another product related to The Last of Us.

The release date of The Last of Us Escape the Dark has not been confirmed at this time.


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