October 21, 2021

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"Our new home."  Katarzyna Dobor later visited the participants.  What he saw frightened her.  "I do not accept such things."

“Our new home.” Katarzyna Dobor later visited the participants. What he saw frightened her. “I do not accept such things.”

‘Our new home’ It is undoubtedly one of the favorite formats for Polsat viewers. Fans were alarmed recently when it became apparent that the show would replace him on the upcoming schedule No debts. It turns out that this is only a temporary alternative, and new episodes of “Our New Home” will be filmed in the coming days and aired in the fall.. Katarzyna Dobor In the last interview, she spoke a little bit behind the scenes of the show.

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Katarzyna Dowbor explains how to decorate the house for Christmas

“Our new home.” Katarzyna Dobor later visited the participants

Katarzina Dobour admitted in an interview with the portal natemat.pl that moving to the program schedule is the most stressful for her. The reporter traveled a lot last season Kilometers.

We are on the road without stopping. Last season we were practically not relaxed. Physically, it’s pretty hard work because we’re running so many kilometers. Last season, I traveled 20,000 kilometers – like a good truck driver – she said.

Katarzyna Dowbor on the backstage of Our New Home: I’ve been holding my head for three years

Are you curious to know if the people from Our New Home are checking participants’ performance after their home renovation? It turns out there is no time to visit, although there is an exception. Unfortunately, he’s not exactly cute.

I once happened to visit the heroes of one of the previous episodes, because I was with a team in the area. As far as the house is concerned, you can’t say a bad word, but I just didn’t like the dog’s treatment. He was a big, gentle dog, chained and never shied away from him. Before the renovation, we agreed he would have better conditions, we bought him a breeding house – said the host of the show.

Katarzyna Dobor had to intervene in this matter.

When I got there, the dog was tied up again in a chain that didn’t even get to that house. The lady was angry because I was disturbing her peace, but we spoke and informed the Animal Foundation about it to follow up on the situation. I do not agree with such things. If we felt responsible for the family, then for the whole family, and animals for me are family members – I summed it up.

It’s hard to disagree with it!

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