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Over 3000 bone fragments and videos. Terrifying discovery in the home of a serial killer

Meksykańscy śledczy odkryli 3787 fragmentów kości należących do 17 osób w położonym na obrzeżach stolicy kraju domu, który należał do mężczyzny podejrzanego o serię morderstw - podał w poniedziałek "The Guardian".

Mexican investigators have uncovered 3,787 bone fragments belonging to 17 people in a home on the outskirts of the country’s capital owned by a man suspected of a series of murders, the Guardian reported, Monday.

The home inspection continued from mid-May. It is also planned to dig the ground under the building.

during investigation Identity cards and other items belonging to people who disappeared many years ago were found.

The number of human bone fragments found indicates that the bodies of the victims were cut into several pieces. The thesis is confirmed by the fact that In the past, the suspect was supposed to be a butcher and skilled in cutting meat. The identity of the 72-year-old has not been revealed due to Mexican law protecting suspects’ personal data. Our analysis shows that bone fragments can belong to 17 people شخص – Reported the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The man will be held accountable in court for the murder of his latest victim, a 34-year-old woman The body was to be cut up with a chainsaw and knives. The accident occurred in mid-May. suspected The woman was to be accompanied by the wife of the police chiefShopping. Since she had not returned home, her husband was able to get to the street watch and find out that she was last seen on the street where the alleged killer lived.

The officer went to his house and confronted the suspect and Discover his wife’s remains. Investigators found her clothes and personal documents as well as audio and video materials indicating that the perpetrator was recording what he was doing to his victims.

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