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Paradise Hotel 4 Sarah and Przymek comment on the final match. They are together? [TYLKO U NAS]

Paradise Hotel 4  Sarah and Przymek comment on the final match.  They are together? [TYLKO U NAS]

We already know the results of the fourth edition final.”Paradise HotelThey fought to win Sarah Jesus I Michael Adamczak And Picture of Natalia Majos I Łukasz Hryniewicki, but only One spouse can stand on the so-called path of loyalty. By the decision of the other participants of the program, Sarah and Michai competed for the main prize. Each of them was given a golden glass ball that they could smash at any stage of their “Walk”, thus collecting a certain amount of money for themselves. If neither of them decides to do this, then the main prize – 100,000 PLN – will be shared with them. In this edition For the first time, the finalist hit the ball just to get the money for himself. Sarah did it, and stood in a field for the amount of 90 thousand. zloty. She later said, “If Przymec had been standing here, I wouldn’t have quit. I follow my heart.” What does Przymec say to that? Was Sarah motivated by revenge? We asked them about it.

Paradise Hotel 4 Sarah and Przymek comment on the final

Sarah did not hide that she would prefer to be in the final not with Michael, but with Przymec. A close relationship was born between them, and their idyllic style was brutally interrupted after it was decided to remove Przymyk from the program, among others, Mikhail. Did Sarah want to take revenge on him by throwing the ball?

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– The winner of “Hotel Paradise 4” admitted in an interview with Plejada.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Przymek says he was happy to see Sarah’s decision. I raised my hand in victory, and I rejoiced with all my heart. Somewhat I feel sorry for MajkaBut I think Sarah deserves this win – she says and adds:

On the other hand, Sarah admits that after the final, her connection with Mickey was not easy:

Paradise Hotel 4 Are Sarah and Przymec together?

Many viewers may be wondering what the relationship between Sarah and Przymyk is like today. Did the participants of the “Paradise Hotel” give themselves a chance to fall in love after returning to Poland?

Sarah confirms. Its copy was confirmed by Przemek. – There were various disturbances. For now, we meet as hard as we can. In fact, this life will check what comes out of it. Now I can say it It’s just so good He says and announces that he intends to change his place of residence. Will Sarah accept him under her roof? We’ll find out soon.

Photo: Piotr Andrzejczak / MW Media


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