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Paradise Hotel. Christian and Basia broke up two weeks after the final. We know why

Paradise Hotel.  Christian and Basia broke up two weeks after the final.  We know why

  • Basia and Christian have been a couple almost since the beginning of “Hotel Paradise”
  • When Luisa and Basia got rid of the show, Christian honestly waited for them to meet again after the show
  • At the end of the release, the smiling Basia is back in the game and Christian is angry with joy
  • This, however, did not last long. The couple often quarrels
  • Their relationship broke up off the show two weeks later. Christian revealed why their relationship didn’t last
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The third version of “Hotel Paradise” is over, and the final version is completely different from the previous versions. On the way of loyalty, a temperamental Italian threw a ball into a field worth 100 thousand. zloty. While everyone initially thought he would get all the winnings for himself, he soon made it clear that he did it to share the money with the finalists – Pepe and Simon.

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Now it turns out that the relationship of the winners of the third edition of the program has not yet survived.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Paradise Hotel. Christian and Basia broke up after two weeks: I don’t want such a relationship

Christian revealed that one of the reasons for the breakup was that Basia was expecting constant attention from him:

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For 24 hours a day, I couldn’t give the other person one hundred percent attention and constantly affirm my feelings. It bothered me, it was too much. These two weeks have hurt us, so Basya is back in Gdansk. We had some plans, but when we broke up, we found out it wasn’t.”

It turned out that it was not only the difference in expectations that caused the breakdown of their relationship, but also their lifestyle. Christian says directly that he wanted to have more fun, which Basia wasn’t happy with.

I don’t know if this is anyone’s fault. I used to go to parties, Basia is less festive. I didn’t use the phone after that, and I didn’t answer. I don’t want a relationship like this I have to always be on the phone. But I miss her, especially now that we have so little contact. We both came to an agreement, although there is a feeling that unites us, maybe even unites us, but I still need to go crazy. Basia could not give me such slack ”- she adds in an interview with“ Party ”.

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