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Paradise Hotel. Did Natalia hurt Marcin in the vote? Mina Bibi spoke for herself. “false friends”

Paradise Hotel.  Did Natalia hurt Marcin in the vote?  Mina Bibi spoke for herself.  "false friends"

In the last episode “Paradise Hotel” Previous participants voted for one of the spouses. Baby and Simon got votes from Marcin and Kara. When Natalia was called, she voted the opposite. Don’t want to stand by her ex-partner and new girlfriend? Bibi had no doubt that this had happened, and had it not been for her strained relationship with Marcin, Natalia would have voted otherwise.

Paradise Hotel. Basia and Christian broke up. “You gave me no respite”

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Marcin from “Paradise Hotel” reacts to his critical comments

Paradise Hotel. Bibi accuses Natalia of being malicious in voting

Remember that Natalia left the program when she developed a deeper relationship with Marcin, with whom she fell in love. However, he soon reassured himself with his new partner – Kara, with whom he also began to form a relationship. Natalia felt abandoned and used, which she spoke frankly about. In the final vote for the winning pair, Marcin and Cara voted for Bebe and Simon. Then it’s Natalia’s time. This bet is on Basia and Krystian.

I was a wall behind Basia the whole time. I trust her more. I got too close to Bibi. Natalia said in front of the camera.

Leadership Claudia Al-Darsi She asked why she voted for Basia and Christian.

I appreciate them very much for their loyalty and honesty. I keep my fingers crossed for them. And I wish good luck to both spouses, I will encourage you to make love together – said Natalia.

But after confronting Bibi it became clear that she was not satisfied with this turn of events. The smile faded from her face. Most of the participants followed Natalia’s voice and also stood behind Basia and Krystian. In the end, Baby and Simon were left with only votes from Marcin and Cara. The frustrated finalist declared her displeasure.

Baby, did you expect Natalia to make this decision? – asked Claudia Al-Darsi.

I think there was another situation, hence the choice – I responded with a serious face.

What kind of situation are you talking about? – asked the program leader.

As for Kara and Marcin, simply – Bibi replied.

A moment later, Natalia took the floor.

It had no effect. Here, too, you do not have to take anything personally with what happened between us, ”explained Natalia.

Final The grand finale of “Hoteul Paradise” is behind us. who won? Disbelief! Poster threw the ball

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“Paradise Hotel” viewers have no doubts

However, Bibi hardly believed her. Opinions among Internet users are divided, but there are voices both Natalia and the other participants voted against Kara and Marcin, because the couple was not very popular.

We know what’s been played here… Kara and Marcin.

This was expected. Marcin and Cara were “alone”.

These false friends must have rejected Bibi and Simon out of jealousy – netizens write on the profile of “Hotel Paradise” on Facebook.

It turns out that one of the most faithful couples did not muster enough sympathy to draw crowds with him. And what do you think, Natalia especially voted differently from Marcin?

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