October 21, 2021

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"Paradise hotel".  Natalia leaves the show and Kara ... will she come back ?!

“Paradise hotel”. Natalia leaves the show and Kara … will she come back ?!

Before the weekend at the “Hotel Paradise” Krzysk He got an award that turned out to be actually a punishment. It was like that Indicate the girl who will leave the program.

It was a very difficult decision I was expecting something nicerBut this is what it looks like here, we have the end of the program and you have to get rid … He said.

Krzysztof’s decision from the program Natalia is gone.

I am a good listener and a good observer and these are my notes This couple wouldn’t survive the show. I know it’s a tough decision and you might have a little bit of grudge against me, however In my opinion, this is a bit of a forgeryThat’s why I chose you – He did the translation.

At that moment, free MarcinWhoever said he would like to trade with Natalia and fall for her instead, but Claudia Aldersi She said there is no such possibility.

During the broadcast of the episode, Natalia managed to post a post on Instagram saying so “I don’t feel like a loser.”

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Meanwhile, viewers were immediately starting to doubt it Marcin wouldn’t give up on Natalia for long.

Kara will come and calm Marcin’s grief; In a moment a “Zanzibar donkey” will come, and Marcin will forget that he has ever had a partner in the show Wrote in the comments on the program’s profile on Instagram.


You think he will choose Kara and thus earn Marcin A second chance to develop a relationship with a beautiful brunette?