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Paradise Hotel. Simon comments on the new season: I’m sorry to watch it

Paradise Hotel.  Simon comments on the new season: I'm sorry to watch it

Paradise Hotel It provides many emotions. During the broadcast of the third episode, viewers complained that nothing happened, in the case of the fourth season, they cannot say for sure. At first, the arrival and departure of Giovanni aroused a lot of emotion, and then Maria’s behavior. Recently, participants have been eager to criticize Victoria, who despite professing her love for Miłosz, has been having fun with ŁukaszWhich did not please the inhabitants of the heavenly hotel. Participants do not hide that participation in the program is a game. Anyone suspect a conspiracy and stop trusting each other.

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Participants in previous seasons of “Paradise Hotel” are active on social media. Some on Instagram reports say they’re watching the next installment of the reality show.

Simon Price, after the last episode aired in early June, came to Poland. The finalist of the third edition of the program had hoped to establish a relationship with Bogusia Brzezińska, but A few weeks after revealing the relationship, they decided to break up. After spending a few months in our country, he decided to return to the United States, where his family lives. While in California, he made up for episodes of the fourth season of “Hotel Paradise” and shared his opinion on the behavior of the participants.

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Simon comments on the new “Paradise Hotel”

The participant in the program admitted that he managed to catch up with the new episodes of the program.

It’s a bit unfortunate to watchBecause I was there. I remember when I was there and how things were, how much fun I had there, and what nice people I met. We did not mean that. Whenever someone left, people cried and stood behind that person … ”- he said.

Simon said that the behavior of the residents of the Paradise Hotel was not the best.

“I understand that this is a game that everyone wants to win…but not at any cost to humiliate someone or hurt someone” He said.

The finalist of the program decided that he did not recognize this “paradise hotel”. He said that he would not have any courage to intrigue and intrigue incessantly. Simon appealed to the residents of the Paradise Hotel:

Simon stated that the season he was in was significantly different from the season that is being aired now.

Of course, “Hotel Paradise 4” also has its charm, as there will be viewers who will like this version, as well as former people who did not like “Hotel Paradise 3”. Some people like to watch drama and some like romantic comedies… It all depends on your taste, “- he said.

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