October 18, 2021

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Paris locks do not work and doctors select patients – news

A team of 41 intensive care physicians in France on Sunday (28) published a letter in the Journal to the Diamond warning that there would be a collapse in hospitals in Paris due to the high level of infection with the new corona virus. Even the locking strategy had no effect. Doctors note that patients are being forced to be screened as soon as possible “to save as many lives as possible”.

Since the 19th, the French government has been shutting down non-essential trade and banning travel between different regions in 16 sectors of the country, including Paris, to almost a third of the national population. New measures seek to limit the progression of SARS-COV-2 corona virus, which causes COV-19, mainly in the north of the country.
In Paris, on Sunday, hundreds of people with and without masks gathered to protest against global warming.

“The Govt-19 epidemic is progressing steadily again in all regions,” the doctors stressed. “The vaccine campaign is expected to significantly improve the course of the epidemic during this critical period. If necessary, we remind you that the vaccine is an essential weapon in the medium and long term. Current measures and all indicators agree that it may not be sufficient to quickly change the dangerous pollution curve.”

“We want to legally notify and warn our fellow citizens, our prospective patients and their families, and explicitly explain the situation we face and how we will deal with it. We will be compelled. This classification will affect all patients, both covit and non covit, especially for adult patients with access to critical care. “

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“We have never experienced such a situation even during the worst attacks in recent years. We will do everything possible to delay the deadline by using all available human and material resources before this painful but immediate period, even if it reduces medical discharges. From the epidemic in all other regions. We will use all innovative solutions to limit the forms and reduce the length of stay in intensive care. This screening will be done with the permanent goal of ensuring vital maintenance resources available in our area in a joint, equitable and uniform manner.

“Patient testing has already begun because a major clinical and surgical diprogramming has already been imposed on us, and we are well aware that these are associated with loss of opportunity and lack of access to care for some patients that need to be intensified. We are already compelled to carefully weigh the symptoms of certain exceptional techniques, such as circulatory assistance. “