October 23, 2021

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Part of Sweden's system stuck to our system: the idea of ​​health in Hołownia

Part of Sweden’s system stuck to our system: the idea of ​​health in Hołownia

April 28, 2021 Poland 2050 by Szymon Hołownia A study was published entitled: “What after the pandemic? A plan for health„.

The document reads, “Health problems – if unresolved – will only get worse.” Moreover: “The recipe cannot be additional cosmetic changes or partial ‘tinkering’. Nor is it sufficient to ‘add money’, because, as necessary, it must go hand in hand with a comprehensive reconstruction, carried out with generations in mind, not just one period.”

The 58-page text is a summary of the strategy for planned changes in the health care system. More than a dozen authors took part in its preparation – most doctors, some of them with the titles of professors, but also, among others, a medical student, lawyer, humanist and a graduate of the Faculty of Management of CZT.

“We are not treating the health plan presented here as definitive, but as a proposal that we hope will be discussed. (…) We are convinced that after experiencing the pandemic and the resulting health catastrophe, such a serious conversation about health care reform is absolutely necessary ”- the authors write in the abstract of the document.

The first public debate on the program entitled “People of Health. Decent Work, Decent Pay” will be held on May 24, 2021. You can do so at the Strategie 2050 website Read a detailed analysis of human resources medical.

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We asked Dr. Mikhai Zabader Jamroz of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Public Health to evaluate the entire plan.

Now in Poland you have to stand in the morning frost. This is the system

Sławomir Zagórski, OKO.press: Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia Posted some time ago Document What after the epidemic? plan for health. Your general impression after reading it?

Dr. Misha Zabadir Jamroz, Institute of Public Health, Jagiellonian University*It is very positive that it contains such clear references to expert positions. This approach happens quite often. I also noticed it, for example, in PiS software of 2019.

In the Hołownia document, I am particularly pleased that these ideas have been articulated (which is not typical) – in terms of transparency and accountability for them – as well as the focus on trying to build a social contract for healthcare reform. According to the authors, changing this system is a task for years and not the responsibility of a single government. It is therefore necessary to build consensus among the parties on this issue.

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