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Patricia Markowska and Jacek Kupczynski Have a Crunch? Weekly with Hope: “They Don’t Write Off the Relationship”

Patricia Markowska and Jacek Kupczynski Have a Crunch?  Weekly with Hope: "They Don't Write Off the Relationship"

Patricia Markowska and Jacek Kupczynski For a long time they were considered a harmonious duo. Even though they were together for 16 years and had their best and worst moments, they always came out of hardships unscathed. The couple is not used to sharing details of life with the media, so from time to time there are reports of alleged crises in their relationship.

The relationship between Patrycja Markowska and Jacek Kopczyński going through a serious crisis?

However, this time the situation seems to be serious, even gossip portals write about the final separation of the couple. In September, the portal Plejada informed readers about this Patricia Markowska And the Jacek Koczynski They spend their holidays together on the Baltic Sea, but the thick weather and misunderstandings mean they spend most of their holidays separately.

Moreover, after he left, Jacek didn’t have to go back to their home. At the time, a mysterious informant suggested that they simply must be separated in order to lose each other. Unfortunately, this was not enough and the couple had to decide to separate.

Patricia and Jacek wanted to rethink everything. They hoped that a certain period of solitude would allow them to distance themselves, quiet their thoughts, and rebuild their relationship. As they have done many times. Unfortunately, they fail. They decided it was over. They both experience it often Report a friend of the couple.

Asked about the alleged breakup by reporter Bombonek, Markowska tried to sidestep the topic.

The rest of the article is under the video

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Surprisingly, the weekly reports on Markovska and Kupczynski. “They don’t break up”

Since then, many other portals and newspapers have confirmed this Patricia and Jacek are going through hard timesHabiba, the singer, moved out of her home permanently and settled in a rented apartment. Due to the fact that the couple does not comment on media reports, it is difficult to ascertain whether every piece of information circulating in the color press is true.

This time, “Życie na hot” looked into the case, showing that the former partners actually live separately, but They didn’t specify what they had in common.. All because 14-year-old son Philipwho, though slowly adjusting to the new situation, takes it quite emotionally.

He is as sensitive as his parents. He goes to a high school for cinema. In the future, he would like to engage in cinematography. He loved talking to his parents, who had a similar worldview and perfectly understood his doubts and questions about him. He spent the last summer partly with his father and partly with his mother – says someone from all over Markuska.

Do you think they’ll give her another chance?

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Well, she was unnecessarily breaking up his marriage

Years ago, she was the one who broke up with him. It was known that he would not survive. people for no reason

The vine will return…… Mrs. Markowska

It has long been known to have a delayed reaction to a poodle

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I hope that the moment of solitude will allow you to find yourself and … return to yourself

He left his wife and child to her. It is worth remembering before you regret it.

In the first photo in this cut-out suit she really wanted to go to the toilet;)

So what if they break up.. This is their job.. 15 years is a long relationship

I love the mess on top of it

Such a life, the average person, who earns the average income, is often in unhappy marriages, and celebrities can at least afford to leave. The truth is that when choosing a partner we are in our twenties and mostly emotionally immature, we are often guided by appearance and sexual attractiveness. On the other hand, people change throughout their lives, and it often turns out that the partner is somewhere behind him, or we are completely different from each other.

Her career is Golców’s way – the three of them are invented by Piotr Kraśka’s (his father’s ex-wife) stepmother Nina Terentiew.

Where is this high school movie?

One left, the other will leave.

I guess he lasted that long with a rockstar woman?!

You will not build happiness on someone else’s misfortune Polina 👍

A gnome can clean his shoes.

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