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Patrick Vega lost more than PLN 11 million. People don’t want to watch his movies anymore?

Patrick Vega lost more than PLN 11 million.  People don't want to watch his movies anymore?

Patrick Vega He begins to lose ground under his feet. His recent productions turn out to be cinematic failures, and he invests more than he actually earns. Every year, the director released several productions into the world that (to put it mildly) did not have good reviews. Vega’s last “baby” is an autobiographical film, where he played the role of “the most controversial director”. Rafal Zwerucha.

Now, as reported by the media, Patrick Vega She began to have serious financial problems. “His companies are not making the expected profits, and just last year, three of them, with revenues of PLN 16.6 million, I lost up to PLN 11.3 million,” Wirtualne Media reported. Watching his films stopped, and cinema halls began to empty. His last film gathered only 30,000 viewers in the cinema the weekend of its premiere, and 7,300 the following week.

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Recently Vega announced that he will end his career in Poland. “Invisible War” is his last home productionAnd now plan to do international career.

Patrick even began to conquer unknown territoriesbecause in November last year he released “Exodus”, the English version of “Pitbull”, to the world. However, the movie did not bring him much profit..

Pandemic restrictions have been blamed for the poor resultswhere only the offending persons were allowed to enter the cinemas.

Do you think he will be able to return to the top?

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In the end, the end of cinema reached the lowest possible level of human instincts, and furthermore changed color to the extreme.

I loved the guy when he was putting out Criminal Minds and he had some really good movies and series. Then the mass meeting began, the same actors, the same dialogues and scenes. He ate well and died.

Apparently, Vega will make a feature film about the Gulf starring Antik Krolikowski (Kristik) Julia Winyawa (Anid) Joanna Obozda (Blanka Director)

Has the nation finally thought?

I loved Patrick Vega until the movie “Botoks”. I was shocked at what this man did. He included his own anti-abortion views in this movie and wanted to mess with people’s heads.

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Angel Sana’s victory over the demon Vega.

Not at all, I love a lot of his movies! Would love to see another one about the church or other misfits 🙂 Rolls and kickbacks

Pride precedes a fall, and an arrogant spirit precedes stumbling. girl’s face

Ksawery Szymanowski. Write, share and help this little boy. I need a lot of help.

I haven’t seen a single movie of this guy and I won’t read his work 🥱🥱🥱

We didn’t get the 3000 coal supplement at all

It’s really weird for anyone to see these scum

Not just him. Lockdowns have ended almost everything. Companies and strings are left out. Everything fell off. Hence the inflation, not the war in Ukraine, as they say. This would be a great reset! Klaus Schwab, the comrades and rulers of this world will grant us poverty so that we may say according to their motto that I shall have nothing but to be happy in the year 2030.

Oh, do not want to watch his movies? Incomprehensible 😀 I admit that I have not seen any of his products and will not touch the stories I have only heard that 100% is rubbish

I wonder if he chose these people himself

Once in the cart, once under the LIFE cart

Will definitely work! Just to what summit? 🤣🤣

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