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Patrycja Wojnarowska: shame, scandal with rappers, escape from creditors

Patrycja Wojnarowska: shame, scandal with rappers, escape from creditors

On June 17, 2013, a young model appeared in the “Playboy Car of the Year” event. Patricia Wiarowska, it immediately turns out that it will be the main “attraction” of the event. Around dressIn which the rising star decided to perform that evening, or rather what was not covered by the dress, the next day Speak all of Poland.

Kuba Wojewódzki wrote in “Polityka”: “Actress and model Patricia Voinarowska appeared at the ‘Playboy’ party in a costume that showed great force behind the scenes.

Celebrity pupa For a few days she was in first place – more was said about her than today about Robert Lewandowski’s transfer to FC Barcelona. Since we are talking about footballers, this should be mentioned Patrycja’s buttocks He made a great impression on the “Playboy” event that was presented at that time Wojtek SzczęsnyWho even… he photographed himself with “bare bum” Wojnarowska and then deviously explained in the media that he was near her… by chance! An interesting fact is that the future wife of the goalkeeper also took pictures at the same event along with the crossbar, Marina (They only stayed one year later.)

Patrycja Wojnarowska first appeared in the capital’s salons exactly ten years ago, when she attended the “Playboy” birthday party in a transparent dress, emerging from under it. Tight panties and bare breasts. It was already said then that the “actress”, because this is how she presented herself, has a chance to become the first scandalous in the Polish show business.

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“I don’t think anyone has made a scandal like mine. I had a really strong entry and now I have to play it skillfully” – she told Fact at the time.

Patricia’s first great “success” was – as she revealed to – Biting Natalia Swiek From the music video for “Warsaw Artist”.

“Because true talent will always stand up for itself,” – she said, and at the same time she boasted that she had signed a contract to play the main role in the first Polish horror film in 3D.

Unfortunately, neither the music video of the “Warsaw Artist” nor the 3D horror with her participation was seen by anyone, which did not prevent the aspiring artist from shining on the red carpet.

A year after debuting at Playboy’s Birthday and shortly after “performing” at the Playboy Car of the Year party, Patricia Voinarowska revealed to Bodelek that She… experience.

“We wanted to prove that you can create a famous character in five minutes, and because I had an acting education – I was a simple tool,” she said.

Soon, Patricia decided to tell a tabloid about her romance.

Patrycja Wojnarowska claimed she had been dating for some time before the ‘buttocks scandal’ broke out Mikai KoterskyThen she walked with her Lasik Stanic.

He also explained his acquaintance with Wojnarska Piotr “Pikej” KukulskiWho at the Playboy party – like many other gentlemen – took a picture with them Patricia “Naked”. When a few months later a celebrity praised on Facebook that she was recording her first single, “Pikej” announced that… the world was ending, and additionally suggested that Patrycja be an employee of an escort agency.

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“Did you know that Wojnarowska, who is nude, is releasing one song and has two directors? She didn’t come out after she took a picture of her for a barrel, but now she’s going to take on her haters by releasing the single” – Kukulski hit on social media.

“He doesn’t have a penny, for a penny of respect. If he’s already drooling at my sight throughout the event, he should keep quiet about this. Maybe he’s looking for a new way to promote him. Someone “- said Wojnarowska, asking Pudelek for comment on Pikeja lyrics.

Shortly after the media feud with Piotr Kukulski, Patrycja Wojnarowska admitted to Mediaelite portal that Disappears from business view.

“Work is important, but there are more valuable values. I want to feel good in what I do, and above all, in who I am” – she said.

It was only after Patricia’s disappearance that it became clear She started her career by being… set in a trendy Warsaw clubWhich celebrities often fell into.

“Someone just noticed it, recommended it to someone else, and then somehow went away,” he admitted to “Fakt,” requesting anonymity, “a good friend” of Wojnarowska.

After her debut at the Patrycja salons in Warsaw I left the University of Warsaw And they set out to conquer the show business. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been around for long.

Today Patricia lives outside Poland. It looks like she’s left to evade unpaid obligations. And recently it turned out that this unfulfilled fame owes a large sum of money to the law firm “Legalis”, which for years hired her to free her ex-lover – convicted fraud Daniel Wroclawek.

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“Mrs. Voinarovska did not pay for the legal services of our law firm” – Confirmed in an interview with Gossip one of the employees of “Legalis” and added that he had seen pictures of Patricia playing in a strange scene in “good company” and “sipping fancy drinks under the palm trees”.

Do you think we’ll hear about it again someday?

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