September 22, 2021

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Paulina Krupińska frankly about working at TVP

Paulina Krupińska frankly about working at TVP

Polina Krupinska, presenter, model and former Miss Bologna because of her profession and the title she received 9 years ago, has a duty to present herself flawlessly in official situations.

Although Polina emphasizes at every step that she does not like to be judged by her appearance, it is undeniable that advertisers care primarily about this. Not to mention the fact that her career has been thanks to her beauty. When in February 2013 she won the title of Miss Polonia 2012, no one thought it would be fun for years.

As a result of confusion in the competition office, the next Miss Universe was not elected for the next three years. Paulina finally lost her patience and decided that she would not postpone her motherhood plans indefinitely just because the office was unable to organize another party. Contrary to the regulations, which required that Miss be a girl without children, Krupinska became pregnant with Sebastian Karpel Pučica, which representatives of the Miss Bologna office treated with understanding.

Last year, Polina joined the cast of “Dzień Dobry TVN”. It was not her first appearance on television. 7 years ago, she showed her own series on the morning channel “A Question for Breakfast”. And one fan who recently encouraged her was to come back to this station…

Krupińska has never hidden that she loves to experiment with her image, trying new makeup. Recently, she presented on her Instagram a summery look that will also work in early fall. There were happy comments under the photo and tips to consider returning to TVP after so many years. As the post’s author argued:

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Polina immediately answered:

Well, it’s no surprise that she’s a little tired of beauty pageants. Not to mention TVP…


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