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Paulina Krupińska mourns the departure of Anna Wendzikowska from “Dzień Dobry TVN”: “He was a person in the right place” (video)

Paulina Krupińska mourns the departure of Anna Wendzikowska from "Dzień Dobry TVN": "He was a person in the right place" (video)

Tonight, music fans will be sitting in front of the TVs to follow the course of Day Two Sopot Festival Summit 2022. On Tuesday, the event was honored with the attendance of both the well-known names from the industry that took over the Jungle Opera theatre, as well as TVN’s famous breakfast leaders.

Paulina Krupińska in the management of the Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2022

He was one of the people assigned to run the Sopot Festival Polina Krupinska. In an interview with Michai Dzidzic co-host Good morning TVN She opened up about her participation in a serious project, which is this year’s festival. As he claims, he feels better with a traditional audience than with a digital one.

Contrary to appearances, if you have feedback from the audience, you will see these smiling faces. When I play “Dzień dobry TVN”, I have to imagine these viewers. Of course it’s different when we’re advertising material and it’s different when we have a guest in the studio and we feel that energy. But the epidemic has shown us that a live guest in a studio is better than a guest through a glass screen. (…) Although there is always tension and adrenaline, when you step out, those first minutes turn into so exciting that you don’t want to leave the scene – He explains.

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Polina Krupinska comments on the changes in “Dzień dobry TVN”

This program has been self-cooking for many years. Ania Wendzikowska had great relationships and was someone in the right place. Viewers may not know you’re getting in there and how the clock is counting down. Five minutes – and Anya really knew how to get the most out of those five minutes. It is a pity that she made such a decision. I hope you are well wherever you go. She’s really good at what she does – She said.

At the same time, two producers bid farewell to the program as reported by the media. Paulina also sees some good points in the personnel changes.

As for the changes in general… I’ve also gone through various changes in my career, so it’s always an interesting thing. New people will come and those who are already will have a chance to become a producer, so I look forward to these changes. This is always something new – Guaranteed.

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Shut up, woman, it turns out Tynien is in the right place!

This woman is very unprofessional… Poor listening, limited vocabulary, rude thoughts cannot be heard. She doesn’t do well as a DDTVN leader or anchor. Here you need energy, charisma, cunning and mental sharpness. A pretty face is not enough…

And what kind of professional experience does Krupińska or Wendzikowska have?

Hahahahahaha Pink Candy Star 🙂 Does anyone else remember? 🙂

Recent Comments (49)

Paula, she was in the right place and you were in the right place…so it’s time for the knives to end with ddtvn and step out of the spotlight? Just what are you going to do next? The lack of an acquired profession and education in old age will rebound when Botox does not help.

So did you

They will all be separated in six months or less.

Just in case, he likes what’s going on and what’s coming

Just like you – yours and hers at the Zabqa cash register, even though you’re not a good fit for it

Krupinska is looking for a job, much in a box

When Mrs. Rosink comes on air soon, I’ll show you! To fight, to fight Radoslaw, Mayor!

I think so too. On a personal level, she can be accused of a lot, but she was striving for perfection professionally. I like her interviews!

Well, yes, but there are also those who have a workshop, but they are not beautiful and the best owners of beauties!

Work only thanks to beauty and connections… No workshop, professionalism… Poor level

Both are kind and nothing else, both are moderately volatile, and Anya is very hospitable and desperate.

It would be nice if she also disappeared from TVN.

These ladies are so similar that I can’t tell them apart.

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