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Paulina Sekut-Je¿yna in a new hairstyle. Fans cried with joy: My God!

Paulina Sekut-Je¿yna in a new hairstyle.  Fans cried with joy: My God!

Paulina Sekut- Jeżyna Likes to experiment with photo. It often changes the color and length of the hair. However, this time, I focused on a slight transformation, but the effect is still amazing. Fans showered her with compliments.

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How has Paulina Sekut-Jeżyna changed over the years?

Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna is proud of her new hairstyle

Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna is very active on Instagram and willingly shares interesting facts about herself with fans. So, you can’t forget adding Report from the visit to Living room Hairdressing salon. In the short video I posted online, you can see the hairdresser taking care of her hair. Then the hostDancing with the starsShe showed the changes that had taken place in her appearance.

Drawing and mandatory care – I wrote.

The compliments immediately poured in in the comments section.

how beautiful he is! Beautiful Italian, you are loved.

Nothing to add, nothing less than divine.

This beautiful color – we read on Instagram.

Paulina Sekut-Jeżyna wore this hairstyle 20 years ago

Currently, Polina Sekut-Jeżyna has light hair. However, this was not always the case. At the end of October, the presenter shared with fans the archival frame in which she presented her hairstyle in the past.

The photo was taken about 20 years ago. In the only photographer in my hometown of Puławy, on the estate of “Pod Wieżowcami”. Then they said my hair was black, and I said it was dark brown. Canceled – we read in the photo description.

The photo caused an uproar among fans. Some people found that the darker shade did not suit the presenter at all and now it looks much better in blonde.

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