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Paulo Sousa has not returned to the idea of ​​a stuntman. “I don’t want to move him” Polish national team

Paulo Sousa has not returned to the idea of ​​a stuntman.  "I don't want to move him" Polish national team

Problems with the left defense team in Polish national team They come back years ago. before time Euro 2020 is no exception. Until a few weeks ago, the situation seemed to be completely safe, but health issues changed everything. Arkadiusz Reca was not called up because he was injured at the end of the season and was clearly not going to help the national team during the tournament. So he did not receive a call. Since the beginning of the training camp, Maciej Rybus has had minor problems, and he is still not training with the whole group. Only Tymoteusz Puchacz, who has not yet played in the national team in every match, remained in this position. The problem can be solved by moving Bartosz Bereszyński to the left side. I have used this solution in the past Jerzy Brzeczek.

– At the moment, I am training in my nominal positions, said Bartosz Berezinsky, but the coach knows for sure that I have played in this position in the past and will play again if necessary. But there would be no such need. Paulo Sousa, Chu Concerned about injuries to key left-back players, he sees solutions other than replacing them with Berezinsky. As for Sousa, he stays as a right-back or right-half in the three-defender lineup.

– Let’s remember who the players in the left-back position are, they each have their own characteristics, but I want to have a left-footed player in this position. stay with us Timotes Buchacks. The dynamics of the players who play in the Polish league are slightly different, and this level is different from what we expect. We are working on it to make it better defensively. Bartek Bereszyński is doing really well at right-back, and I don’t want to move him from there. Maybe Tomic Codeziora for the left hand? It is similar to Bartik, we will consider it – explains Souza.

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Bartosz Bereszyński: “You can’t let these feelings control you”

– In March, I performed in two positions. I played in the first half with England on the right pendulum and the rest of the time in the position of the right half in a three position. I played there in Sampdoria last season and it immediately felt like a good position for me. I feel comfortable there because he is not a typical centre-back. I can do a lot of the usual things for a side defender – says Berezinsky, who will meet his old coach in Wroclaw on Tuesday – Stanislav CherchesovRussia coach.

– I know Cherchesov’s coach with him Legia WarsawSo I know what the coach’s position is, I know what the expected match is, and I know how they’re going to get out of the mental situation. They will also be physically strong. They do not have one personality, the big football star, but their strength is the team. They have some good players. Perhaps, just like us, they will be testing different tactical solutions. We want to achieve what the coach expects. That is why this meeting will be beneficial. But it’s a match in the end Polish national teamSo you have to approach him with heart and will to win.

– Whenever I haven’t played a match with the fans in the stands for a long time. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s kind of new to me again, so I have to prepare for it mentally. Emotions will definitely be high when we hear the fans in the stands as they warm up. You cannot be controlled by these feelings – claims Bereszyński.

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The match with Russia will start on Tuesday at 20.45. Poland will play another sparring match against Iceland in Poznan on June 8th. About 20,000 people are expected to attend both meetings. fans. This is what current regulations allow.

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