September 21, 2021

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Pawe³ Tyburski of "Love Island" claims to have been disfigured by a cosmetologist.  Scars appear.  "The face is starting to crumble"

Pawe³ Tyburski of “Love Island” claims to have been disfigured by a cosmetologist. Scars appear. “The face is starting to crumble”

Pawe Tyburski gained popularity thanks to his participation in the first island. After the show ended, celebrities started getting very active on Instagram. However, recently he has been posting fewer and fewer photos on social media (the last Instagram post appeared on the board in February). Now the celebrity explains that his media absence is due to a failed surgery he underwent.

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Pawe Tyburski from ‘Love Island’ thinks he’s been disfigured: My face is starting to fall apart completely

Bowie Tibursky and his brother Peter decided to improve their beauty seven months ago. For this they went to the world of cosmetology. Unfortunately, the transformation did not work out according to the celebrity. In the extensive InstaStories, describe the whole situation (All screenshots, and there are a lot of them, you can find them in our gallery, at the top of the article).

Hell has begun. Since we were in Mrs. Anya’s house, where her office is, we started talking about what to do to make the face look right. (…) Offered to do it for us to advertise. (…) What you made on our face (and also Piotrek) is beyond human comprehension.(…) Perhaps you injected us with cortisol near the grooves. He said cortisol removes cartilage and narrows the nose.

Tyburski admitted that he decided on more treatments. This also did not satisfy him.

But it was only one of the treatments Anya Lee gave me. She offered to remove the muscles of the lower jaw (rumen) (…), later adding hyaluronic acid (…). After my face started to completely fall apart, she saved herself by spraying my face with a lotion meant for seniors, after which it looked like I had my face out of a cell. It was then that I knew this person had hurt me a lot – we read.

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Paweł Tyburski from “Love Island” distorted? “My face is not back to normal anymore”

The “Love Island” participant admitted that his adventure in aesthetic medicine was far from over. He has tried many treatments to reverse the effects of an unsuccessful transformation.

Unfortunately, my face has not returned to its normal state. Since January, I’ve had skin rejuvenation treatments, several nutritional cocktails and fat transplants, which unfortunately didn’t work for me either.

On InstaStories, he also showed what his face looked like before and after unsuccessful treatments.

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Paweł from Paweł from “Love Island” distorted? to come. Instagram / pablotybori

He also wondered why the beautician had disfigured him.

To this day, I ask myself why did you do this to me? Did you do it on purpose or out of incompetence? I also asked her this question which I got answered: How do I know I don’t like the end result – he wrote.

Tyburski also claims that the esthetician smears him.

Mrs. Anna also let in information that was sucked from her finger in various environments, which is false and deeply discredits me, such as the fact that I killed her animals and threw them into the pond. This is a punch below the belt.

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The celebrity admitted that he writes about the whole issue because he hopes that some clinic will be able to help him. He admitted that he lost his confidence because of failed attempts. Compare his condition to depression.

Paweł from Paweł from “Love Island” distorted? to come. Instagram / pablotybori

I feel a lot of tension and fear, but I can’t hide anymore, avoid people, shy (…) Believe me I don’t wish my worst enemy what I’ve been through (…) Damn your face like that, and it’s been seven months now. This woman not only took my face, but also my career, money, private life, self-confidence, orders I refused and cooperation. I lost my sponsors for not being able to get out of bed for six months. (…) Now I understand everyone who does [depresję – przyp. red.] passes.

He also announced that the case would end in court.

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