September 22, 2021

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Paweł Kukiz on the vote on lex TVN: I have a clear conscience

Paweł Kukiz on the vote on lex TVN: I have a clear conscience

  • – I have a clear conscience. Six years ago I didn’t want any positions or jobs – says Bowie Cookies
  • The politician also comments on the hatred he became a target for after the parliamentary vote
  • On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the broadcasting law targeting TVN. He had the support of 223 PiS members, two unrelated MPs and three Kukiz’15 deputies.
  • Earlier, Cookies supported the opposition’s proposal to postpone the House session until September 15. In the second vote after the break, it was already against him
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– I have a clear conscience. Cookies confirmed that I had not wanted any positions or jobs for six years.

The portal also asked the politician about Hate on the InternetWhich became an item after Wednesday’s vote. – I don’t want to get involved in this. The MP said this is only testified to those who have adopted this formula of hate.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a draft amendment to the Broadcasting Law by the PiS, which limits the possibility of media ownership in Poland by entities outside the European Economic Area. The verb is directed to TVN, owned by the American company Discovery, and thus named in public discussion “lex TVN”.

223 law and justice deputies, two unrelated deputies, and Three deputies of cookies 15 – Pawe Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk. 216 deputies opposed.

Cookies and his constituency colleagues voted earlier on Wednesday with the opposition to postpone the House session until September 15. After the break, the Speaker of the House, Elipita Wittek order to re-vote, arguing that some members were wrong. The second time, Kukiz, Sachajko and uk were against postponing the meeting, which made it possible to vote on lex TVN a moment later.

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Lex TVN. What is the law

On Wednesday, the Sejm decided the fate of the law that Jaroslav Kaczynski had dreamed of for years. Parliamentarians voted in favor of the so-called media law. 454 deputies voted. 228 deputies voted in favor, 216 deputies opposed, and 10 abstained. The media law is directed at TVN. No matter what PiS politicians officially say, the purpose of this law is the same – to try to control or silence TVN. That is why this act is known as anti-TVN or lex TVN act.

Arosław Kaczyński claims that it is necessary to adopt changes to the media law in order to prevent capital takeover of Polish television from shady countries. But the bill proposed by the PiS affects only one station – TVN. And it is chasing not suspected capital from Russia, China or Arab countries, but rather expelling the Americans because they own this station. This is the real goal of these changes – to hit the television that the PiS does not control. Russia, China and the Arab countries as a smokescreen.

PiS politicians argue that it is all about preventing Polish media from buying companies from undemocratic countries like Russia, China or Arab countries. Therefore, a provision should be introduced into the media law that television and radio stations in Poland should be owned only by the European Economic Area, which includes the European Union countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

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But the goal is completely different. If such a law came into force, it would only affect the TVN station owned by the American Discovery Company. First, because America is not part of the European Economic Area. Second, Americans in Poland only own electronic media from outside the European Economic Area. That is why this act is known as anti-TVN or lex TVN act.

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