July 28, 2021

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Peace Religion Drama!  There is already an official diagnosis after the bandit error at Euro 2020

Peace Religion Drama! There is already an official diagnosis after the bandit error at Euro 2020

In extra time (97th minute) of the match in Glasgow, Marcus Danielson, after hitting the ball, brutally attacked Artyom Beseiden’s knee with his straight leg.. Referee Daniele Orsato originally showed the Swede a yellow card, but after the VAR intervened and seeing the situation on the screen, he had no doubts and dismissed Danielson. The Swede attack injured the Ukrainian striker, who was unable to continue Toys.

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We do arbitration in EUR. “He was making fouls that were not verified by the VAR”

“Brzęczek could have won a promotion in this group.” The former actor has no doubts

It was a great victory, but we pay dearly for it. In the upcoming matches on the field, we will not be able to count on Artem Beseiden. He will support us in a different way, which will be an additional motivation for us. We hope there will be no serious injuries. We know Artyom will come back stronger – It was revealed by Oleksandr Zovkovsky, assistant manager of the Ukrainian national team, Andrey Shevchenko..

Bisden Diagnostic Science. A soccer player is waiting for a long break from playing soccer

The player returned to Kiev, where he underwent detailed examinations that showed that he had a partial rupture of the cruciate and collateral ligament, in addition to a fracture of the femur, the Ukrainian Football Federation reported on its website. Biesiedina now has a long break from playing football. “The MRI showed a partial rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament, as well as damage to the collateral ligaments and a fracture of part of the femur,” the statement read.

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We hope that surgery will not be necessary. The head of the Ukrainian Federation, Andrei Pavlko, revealed, if the doctors allow this, we will organize a trip for him to the quarter-finals with England, to be close to the team.

According to doctors, the period of discontinuation of Besdin may last at least six months, but everything will depend on the progress in rehabilitation. The 25-year-old is the center forward and plays inلعب Kiev dynamics. On euro 2020 played a total of 36 minutes in three matches of the tournament.

Swiss Jan Sommer pays the penalty kick by Kylian Mbappe.  France vs Switzerland match at Euro 2020. Bucharest, Romania, June 29, 2021This world is already passing away. Great matches in Euro won’t change anything here

Ukraine qualified for the quarter-finals Euro 2020He will meet England on July 3 in Rome on the 21st. Denmark will play the Czech Republic at the same end of the arc. In the remaining quarter-finals we will have Belgium-Italy and Spain-Switzerland matches.

Express your football feelings on a huge screen in Warsaw

The euro is over for Poland, but not for the Polish masses. Follow MuralWrite who you support, rate matches and predict favorites until the final, we will choose the best from the logos sent every day and put them on the largest LED screen in Warsaw at Unii Lubelskiej Square and on the website Mural. Attention! We update the screen daily and can’t wait to see what he comes up with.